Sina hears about school programs that help troubled children

October 31, 2019

The Southern Illinois Networking Association met at the Centralia Recreation Complex on Thursday, October 24. Kathy Donnelly was the featured speaker of the day.

Kathy spoke on three school projects at Centralia City Schools: The Home to School Connection Program, The Student and Family Education Court, and Centralia Connected.

High levels of poverty and other traumatic events make it difficult for some students to achieve in a school setting. The Home to School Connection Program is a project that allows for a Home to School Liaison to meet with families in their own home to offer support and referrals to assist the individual student as well as the whole family. The job of the Home to School Liaison is to form a relationship of trust with the parent/parents to allow for positive change to take place. Families are then involved in both short and long term goal setting.

The Student and Family Education Court is a project at Centralia Junior High School that targets students that are near “chronic truancy” or beyond. This diversion program consists of a partnership between Centralia Junior High School, Juvenile Justice Court, Department of Child and Family Services, Centralia Home to School Liaison, and the Community Resource Center.

Centralia Connected is a mentoring program. Children need more that just resources. They need the unwavering love, support and deep interpersonal relationships. You can spend an hour per week and make a child’s life better forever. Go to for more information and for an application.

There are so many children in our community that are in need. There are many ways to help. Give a little time and get involved today.