Treasurer Dan Rutherford to Host I-Cash Event

May 30, 2014

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford to Host I-Cash Event in Mount Vernon on June 3rd

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is encouraging Jefferson County area residents to attend his I-Cash event Tuesday, June 3 to determine if the state is holding any money or unclaimed property entitled to them. In fact, 14,050 owners in Jefferson County have $2,299,524 in unclaimed property according to the January list of unclaimed property holders. The I-Cash program helps reunite owners with their unclaimed property. The Unclaimed Property Division has $1.8 billion in cash, plus contents from Illinois safe deposit boxes that have been inactive for at least five years.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Mount Vernon: Brehm Public Library, 101 South Seventh Street
3:30 p.m.: Treasurer Rutherford will provide remarks and hold a media availability.
3 – 4:30 p.m.: I-Cash staff will be on site to help members find out if they have unclaimed property.

“People are thrilled to find out they have money just waiting for them through I-Cash,” said Treasurer Rutherford. “I encourage area residents to come visit me at local I-Cash events for assistance in locating their money or property. In addition everyone should make an attempt to review our online database annually so they don’t miss out on money or valuable assets the state is holding for them.”

The treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division’s costs, including staff, computers and travel, are paid with program funds, and not by tax dollars.

In 2011, during Treasurer Rutherford’s first year in office, the program marked the first time in history that the treasurer’s office returned more than $100 million to the people who owned those assets. The total returned for 2012 was $129 million, a 27 percent increase over the previous year. In 2013, the program reunited more than $139 million in cash and other assets to their rightful owners, representing a 69 percent increase over 2010. In the first quarter of 2014, the program returned $29,944,349 to 15,063 claimants.

It’s common for people to lose track of their assets when they move or when loved ones pass away. Businesses and banks are required to turn over unclaimed accounts to the treasurer’s office.

Some examples of unclaimed property currently held by the treasurer’s office include:

• Money from inactive savings and checking accounts
• Unpaid wages or commissions
• Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
• Money orders and bill overpayments
• Paid-up life insurance policies
• Safe deposit box contents.

To find out if one has unclaimed property through I-Cash, one can visit the treasurer’s website at and follow the I-Cash link. The website is updated weekly to reflect new properties remitted to the office. Additionally, our I-Cash team conducts regular outreach across the state, places twice-annual notices in newspapers and sends direct mail to new claimants with property worth more than $100. One can contact the Unclaimed Property Division by calling 217-785-6998 or emailing, although searches cannot be completed by telephone.