Speak Out – Letters to the Editor – Nov. 8, 2017

November 6, 2017

Dear Cathy,
I was sorry to read that you were not going to be writing your column. I understand why you probably need a break, with all the upstate political idiots. It is hard to get people to vote Mike Madigan and his bunch out when he is giving all the loafers and nonworkers a free paycheck.

I hope you have seen the new ad the Republicans have run with all the governors in the surrounding states thanking Mike Madigan for running people and businesses out of Illinois and helping their economy. That is really something when governors will say things like that about other governors. It probably won’t do any good but it is correct. Can’t get good information from any other paper.

Best wishes for your future, whatever you do. May God bless you and your family always.

Your loyal reader,
Kenneth Robinson

Dear Editor,
The republicans led by Newt Gingrich did it to Bill Clinton. The democrats did it to George W. Bush. The republicans did it to Barack Obama. Now, backed by the Hollywood crowd and talk show hosts, the democrats are doing it to Donald Trump. The ‘other’ party’s focus is on finding ways to discredit and to sabotage whomever is president; refusing to acknowledge anything that is good and dwelling on all things negative. Instead of endeavoring to find common ground to work for positive results, the opposition attempts subterfuge to bring down whomever may be president. The Democratic and Republican Parties in Washington, D.C. are akin to the two gangs in the movie “West Side Story.” They could not get along! Their zealous desire was to decimate the other.

The best thing for the United States would be to get the liberal-left and conservative-right out of government. Put persons in office who are more interested in the common good for all citizens, instead of the destruction of their opponents.

Larry W. Morgan