Sorority Celebrates Founders Day 2019

May 15, 2019

The Laureate Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi hosted the 2019 Founders Day Banquet on April 24, 2019 at the Centralia Elk’s Club. The International theme, A Quilt of Friendship, was carried out in the decorations and entertainment.

Some of the quilts on display were loaned for the evening by members of Laureate Alpha and their families. Many had stories connected to them and members were quick to share a quilt’s history with the guests.

Guests arrived for a reception prior to dinner and enjoyed wine, soft drinks, fresh fruit and cheese trays. Many of the chapters in attendance chose to take their own group’s photograph in an area provided.

Betty Reuter, President of Laureate Alpha, welcomed the guests. Kay McCormick, Treasurer of Laureate Alpha, then recited the Beta Sigma Phi prayer before dinner.

A buffet dinner was served to 65 members representing Preceptor Chi and Preceptor Gamma Nu chapters of Mt. Vernon; Chi Sigma, Nu Mu, Nu Master, Preceptor Delta, and Laureate Alpha of Centralia.

Following dinner, the program for the evening opened with Nancy Allen, Vice President of Laureate Alpha, leading the group with the Founder’s Day Pledge provided by the International Office of Beta Sigma Phi of Kansas City, Missouri. Thereafter, a message from Laura Ross Wingfield of the International Office was read by Sandy Beguelin, Recording Secretary of Laureate Alpha. Within the message, the announcement of the 2019-2020 theme, “The Power of the Dream” was shared with all attending.

Betty Reuter presented yellow roses to the very special members attending from the Nu Master chapter, Sally Eilers, Eda Lee Bounds and Bonnie Ward.
Chapter Highlights from each of the chapters attending were shared by the various recording secretaries, followed by the presentation of the President Awards by the Vice Presidents of each chapter. Linda Carlton presented a special award to Tammy Ramsey for 30 years perfect attendance. She also shared their chapter’s loss of Marie Zinke, a member well known for her work within their chapter and with the Sorority Council.

A brief intermission followed. Ann Dunn, Corresponding Secretary of Laureate Alpha, then announced the excitement the chapter shared with the arrival of actors directly from the Hollywood, CA area. She then introduced herself as Anna Bandana, the storyteller for the evening. As she began to tell her story, and that of other members of the Harper Valley Quilting Club, a skit was performed.

The first member to arrive was Lilly Popper (Sandy Beguelin); followed by Lovesick Joy (Kay McCormick); Bell the Boozer (Nancy Allen); Selma Sizzle (Puz Culbreth); Grace the Gossip (Jo Kessler); Bonnie Blue (Joan Beguelin); Tonya Yogasnod (Marilyn Krug); Millie McPill (Conchitta Grabowski); Patsy Decline (Carrell Bundy); Susie Sunshine (Wanita Brandol); and Jane Bond 007-30061 (Betty Reuter). Behind the scenes assistant was Ruth Barczewski, a member of the chapter unable to participate in the skit.

After the skit, door prizes of fresh geraniums in a planter covered with a piece of quilting fabric were won by: Kay Zibby Damron of Chi Sigma; Joan Beguelin of Laureate Alpha; Bonnie Ward of Nu Master; Sheree Jones of Nu Mu; Pam Robertson of Preceptor Chi; Linda Carlton of Preceptor Gamma Nu; and Carla McDaniel of Preceptor Delta. The grand prize, a quilted wall hanging donated by Monica Bochantin, was won by Terry Liddle.

It would be unfair to list the various committees for the evening as most of the members of the chapter contributed to the planning, decorating, and numerous practices for the skit. However, it should be noted outside assistance and expertise was given by Rosanna Perkins and Henry Beguelin.

After the Closing Mizpah, guests were encouraged to spend the balance of the evening in conversation.