Politically Speaking – September 8, 2020

September 8, 2020

First up, last week President Trump took some heat in this column from me, maybe unjustifiably, when I wrote, “As the extreme left has declared war on our country, Trump has not called in the military and taken military action.” With that said, I also remember that Trump recognized the governors were in control and they could ask for help, maybe overestimating some of these governors’ commitment to their constituents. That leads me to share a worthwhile response from one of our wonderful readers. He wrote: “The use of the military by the President within U.S. borders is clear. As much as I may wish the POTUS could and would use the military as you suggest, the Posse Comitatus Act does not allow such action. Check the history of the Act and you find Democrat corruption that caused the use of the military post Civil War. The same Democrat corruption and lack of leadership being displayed across the country today is the major cause for the unrest you wrote about and unfortunately can only be quelled with the authorization of the governors and mayors of each state. The National Guard can be used by the state. The POTUS cannot use his authority to federalize the Guard since it would then fall under Posse Comitatus.

“The Insurrection Act has been mentioned. In 2007 it was changed by law to cover such actions. The down side, in 2008 the changes were rescinded. Guess who was POTUS with House and Senate majority in 2008?

“The 2020 civil war is here in Democrat held cities, counties and states. The exception are areas where law abiding Second Amendment rights believers are the majority. Notice the lack of ANTIFA/BLM riots in locations where the citizens would fight back.”

Thank you, sir, for your comments.

On to a second worthwhile response from another well-informed reader, someone like myself who readily acknowledges the COVID-19 virus is real, make no mistake. However, the reader responded to information the CDC issued last Friday night, August 28: A new definition of the COVID-19 death count. If you subtract the death victims who had significant mortal co-morbidities, the actual death count drops from 187,000 to about 9,000 from COVID-19 alone. Compare this to the swine flu in 2009–2010 under Obama/Biden. It took Obama six months to declare a national emergency for the “H1N1 swine flu” outbreak.

And again, make no mistake, I’m not making light of this virus. But I can’t help but wonder how much has been political. In my opinion, too much.
So with all that said, let me turn to hypocrisy. First prize goes to none other than Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler who allowed the insanity of looting, burning and murder for over 100 days, and is now being attacked by the people he catered to. Wheeler recently announced he’ll move soon, after protests at his $840,000 condo building, which was set on fire, caused him to condemn the violence in the very city that elected him mayor. The President has offered to help. As late as Monday, August 31, Wheeler received a notification from Homeland Security urging him to prioritize public safety and to establish law and order, and it confirmed, “We are standing by to support Portland.” At the same time, Trump has made it clear that when state and local officials fail to protect their citizens from violence, the federal government will step in to protect these American citizens and will back these terrorists down.

Trump did call him on Sunday “a wacky, radical left, do-nothing Democrat Mayor,” and to that I agree. Wheeler is a man that sat back and did nothing, who watched great death and the destruction of his city during his tenure. And when he was threatened he called Uncle, just like our own Chicago, Illinois Mayor Lori Lightfoot who demanded the police protect her home when threatened.

And speaking of hypocrisy, let’s look at the Queen of Hypocrisy, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, caught with no mask getting a haircut in a closed salon that she requested to re-open. After being caught, she said she was set up. People, wake up!

And let’s not leave out New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo when he said, “Trump better have an army” to protect him if he comes here. The last time I checked, I found it’s illegal to threaten a federal official, and that includes the President.

Ironically, in my opinion, Cuomo’s leadership has brought the State of New York to its knees.

Until next week.

For your own safety, stay out of states run by Democratic governors and mayors.