Politically Speaking – September 4, 2018

September 4, 2018

Where’s the outrage? A school gets shot up, costing the lives of innocent children and teachers, and the left goes crazy! I get it, except they attack the very thing that could save lives, guns!
But last week three extremist Muslims were released by a liberal judge. These men were training children to be school shooters in a New Mexico compound, where authorities also found a three-year-old child buried. The alleged reason for the release was not enough evidence was collected within the ten day time frame. It’s sad that the extreme left, in my opinion, has turned a blind eye to this situation. Again, where’s the outcry?

Which leads me to George Washington’s farewell address 220 years ago. The address was first drafted by Madison and later amended and expanded by Hamilton, and was printed in nearly every newspaper in America and throughout Europe. Why George Washington’s farewell address, and why now? Because it contains a penetrating analysis highly relevant to today’s craziness.
In his speech he used words like parties or “factions.” Washington meant the union of individuals who desire to rule without consideration for the lasting common good. The public, in other words, tends in two contrary directions. Sound familiar?

Without unity, he argued that prosperity and security are impossible. Unity means that citizens must first and foremost consider themselves to be Americans, as opposed to members of a party or faction. He also pointed out our passionate attachment to particular parties that distorts our judgment.

First, the rule of a party inevitably gives birth to counter parties. Today some of these factions are: socialism; the New York based women’s movement; fake news; white supremacists, Antifa, the attack on individuals (like Sarah Sanders and others, not to mention the attacks on Donald Trump from Day One); the destruction of history; gun control; and immigration. This is all leading to very dangerous territory, causing citizens to cease to look upon others as fellow citizens, and moving towards hatred on both sides.

George Washington even suggested parties would invite foreign influence. He warned by weakening reverence for one’s own nation, parties give influence to ambitious, corrupted or deluded citizens. Today one wonders whether the left would sacrifice American interests for favored people. In the case of the Obama administration, it was the Iranians.

What I find most interesting is our founding fathers were wise beyond anything imaginable, and to some degree warned us. What I find incredibly sad is, in my opinion, we are sitting on a time bomb, and the only way I see us coming together as a nation again is through a tragic event. This country stood united during World War II and 911. Why can’t we come together today? Just food for thought.

On another topic, at this point I’ve had a number of calls from people who have received a letter telling them how to vote by mail. The concerning issue for those that called and myself is the letter is from the desk of Jessie White, and on the bottom it says “Paid for by JB for Governor.” It also directs them to go to an early voting site at ildems.com/voting-in-illinois.

The first thing I did was to verify it was legal, and I was told it was. My concern was also how do you verify the application for a Vote-By-Mail ballot. I was told by the signature. The first thing that crossed my mind at this point was does the County Courthouse have a handwriting expert in house. The answer was, of course, no. In my opinion, this is a great way to encourage voter fraud. Although this may be legal, I find it most unprofessional on Jessie White’s and JB’s part, and unacceptable. But, it is what it is, below the belt tactics!

I do want to point out these troublesome letters are not coming from any local county clerk’s office They are coming from the Democratic Party.

In closing, the conflict summarized in George Washington’s farewell address is one of the permanent problems of a Republic.