Politically Speaking – September 2, 2019

September 3, 2019

The Democratic presidential candidates want to know: what can we give you to buy your vote? How about free healthcare, free college for all, free college loan payoff, etc. How far we have come! Used to be “a payoff” meant something illegal. In fact, not too long ago, buying a voter a two dollar drink in a bar on election day was perceived to be illegal because it might sway their vote. Today just promise a potential voter $50,000 in debt relief to get you elected and nobody questions it!

And then on election day, we worry about the accuracy of our voting machines. What are we, as a nation, thinking? Or perhaps not thinking at all.

Up next, President Trump controls the media again. Following the G7 Summit, he floats the idea of having the next summit at his Doral, Florida property. Of course the media immediately goes into a frenzy of why it’s a bad idea, why it should never happen. It’s a conflict of interest; there aren’t enough airports; it will be hurricane season then; and any and all other reasons they can think of. Actually, President Trump was probably never serious about holding the summit there, but do you recall any major story about the outcome of the G7 Summit? Not really! Trump plays the media one more time.

And what happens when the “gotcha media’ tries to control the news cycle and rushes out an unverified story of Trump? Ask Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC. Trump lawyers force you to do a retraction. Then NBC quickly condemns Trump for changing the guidelines in citizenship that would deny “birthright citizenship” to children born of American military parents while outside the U.S. In a “gotcha Trump” moment at NBC, somebody read the rules wrong. Trump attorneys protest. NBC forced to retract.

On to one of my favorite topics, CNN (or should I call them the new Democratic machine?) and the Democratic presidential candidates. After two major debates of two nights each, with the third and fourth coming on September 12 and in October, and all of which CNN covered or will cover excessively, it’s still not enough for CNN. They have also sprinkled in various town hall specials and now will host CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall: The Climate Crisis. This is probably just the first of many policy specials with candidates. Is healthcare policy next? And don’t forget after the October debates, there are still eight more Democratic Presidential Primary Debates. What else can CNN do? For real exposure, I’ve got a new idea for them: A CNN TV game show night with the candidates. It would be Democratic Family Feud, two teams of five Democratic candidates, maybe progressives versus moderates. No, not enough moderates left. “Survey says” topics like Favorite Ways to Get Trump; Favorite Free Giveaways; Favorite Excuses for Your Voting Record; Favorite Reasons to Impeach Trump; etc. I even think they can get Steve Harvey to be the moderator. I think their viewership would be off the charts!

Last and certainly least in my opinion: James Comey. Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice and appointed by Barack Obama, couldn’t find enough evidence to charge James Comey with a crime.

Hopefully, as he goes after Andrew McCabe and others, who probably will be charged, one of them may choose to implicate Comey. For all that Comey has done, it would be fitting justice at the Department of Justice.

Until next week.