Politically Speaking – September 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

What was the difference between the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention? It was pretty simple. The Republican National Convention was about positive, real-life experience versus the Democratic National Convention’s gloom and doom with nothing but hate Trump. There was no comparison. Last Monday the Republican National Convention got underway in North Carolina, and even before it shifted into high gear with a lineup of prime time speakers in the evening, the contrast with the Democratic Convention was stark.

I watched both conventions with ­— I hope — an open mind, which is more than I can say about the extreme left. I found it interesting that when I asked some that call themselves Democrats, “Did you watch the Republican National Convention?” the answer in most cases was no. So much for an open mind! And we wonder what’s wrong with the country! How on earth can you be a part of the solution if you personally can’t look at both sides with an open mind? You can’t!

Make no mistake, Donald J. Trump is my President, and I believe he is the best President this country has had since President John F. Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan. I personally could beat these conventions to death. But, there’s no point.

So moving on, I’m somewhat upset with my President. The reason: As the extreme left has declared war on our country,Trump has not called in the military and taken military action.

Yes, I said that! I’m fed up with the violence that’s going on in our country. The looting, burning and killing is supposedly under the umbrella of the Black Lives Matter movement, but in reality is far from what BLM is all about. In my opinion, this B.S. has nothing to do with anything other than a political takeover. Treason!

Look at our own state. Chicago, once a beautiful city, has been destroyed and is now nothing more than a third world cesspool with billions and billions of dollars of damages and destruction.

And today there are people going into neighborhoods demanding homeowners give their homes back because they owe it to the demonstrators. Really? With a very heavy heart, I fear for my country and our freedom.

The new thing now is those dining outside are being accosted and intimidated into pledging solidarity. Solidarity to what? It’s way past time to stand up against these thugs! Enough is enough!
And what do the Democrats have? Joe Biden, who had 49 years to show what he did, and that was nothing.

If you want to look at something, look at reality. Below are the cities that were burned, looted and destroyed, all with Democrat Mayors and Governors. That should tell you something! Let’s start with Illinois.

Chicago, IL, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Governor JB Pritzker.
Portland, OR, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Governor Kate Brown.
Seattle, WA, Mayor Jenny Durkan, Governor Jay Inslee.
Minneapolis, MN, Mayor Jacob Frey, Governor Tim Walz.
New York, NY, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Kenosha, WI, Mayor John Antaramian, Governor Tony Evers.
Madison, WI, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, Governor Tony Evers.

So is a civil war coming? In my opinion, it already has. Yet after three months, finally, Sleepy Joe denounced the needless violence. What a sad situation. Americans, wake up!

If I could speak to Donald J. Trump I would say, “Sir, pull out the big guns and protect the innocent American citizens. Law and order must be re-established.”

Until next week.