Politically Speaking – October 9, 2018

October 9, 2018

What happened last week while the liberal networks spun all week on Kavanaugh?

1. After meeting Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Pompeo hails progress in nuclear talks.

2. Trump finalizes a trade deal with Mexico and Canada — a major accomplishment.

3. The numbers on the economy climb again.

4. Unemployment numbers hit an all time low ­— the lowest since 1969.

All in all, it was a great week for the president. Maybe one of the best. The week ended with Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed last Saturday after a nasty, long, and hard-fought battle.

In the end, a closely divided country watched a closely divided Senate issue a closely divided vote. Yea 50, Nay 48 — the closest vote in 134 years.

The next battle over Kavanaugh will be at the ballot box. Make no mistake, the left isn’t done. Unless it’s one of their own.

The fact remains, there have been six previous FBI investigations and hundreds of people interviewed. The bottom line, not one person said a bad thing about Kavanaugh. All of Dr. Ford’s alleged witnesses said under oath they didn’t know what she was talking about, and that it didn’t happen, including her best friend. The only person that said it happened was Dr. Ford. The thing that bothers me most is we have reached an all time low in this country. The law of the land means nothing to a large portion of the Left. That being: a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Democrats made a lot of allegations against Kavanaugh. Nothing credible.

Delaware Senator Chris Coons (D) actually said Kavanaugh was guilty until he proved himself innocent. Wow!

I wonder how he defines “credible?”

In my opinion, the stars of the last few weeks have been Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins who said it all and said it best.

We are 30 days from the midterm elections and some Democrats are already talking about the impeachment of Kavanaugh. Keep in mind, there’s only been one Supreme Court Judge that’s faced impeachment.

On to the vote. I watched every minute of it. I found the actions of the Left during the vote typical for this new Democratic party. Let me assure you the Democratic Party that I was raised in and a member of for years, isn’t the same.

The behavior of those escorted out hit rock bottom. It was nothing more than a mob action.

So how will the Senate move forward? Who knows?

But most important, what kind of country are we headed toward when a person can go after someone, anyone, with absolutely no proof and destroy their life, their family, their career, leaving lifetime consequences.

I can assure you this is not good and not what our founding fathers had in mind. It’s not about party or gender with me, it’s about right and wrong.

In closing, I believe accusing a person of sexual abuse, if not true, is just as bad as sexual assault, itself.

A final thought on midterms. The GOP will keep the Senate because of the mob action of the left and  their unethical behavior. My prediction: a few more seats will flip to the GOP. The House is still in question.


next week.