Politically Speaking – October 8, 2019

October 8, 2019

The crazy days in Washington continue. The news media is bouncing from story to story so fast that they are getting dizzy. Of course, some of them were born dizzy. So, sit back and pick a player and story on this week’s spinning wheel of misfortune.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: I feel “saddened” that I had to start the impeachment inquiry because it will create more division between the parties. Translation: I hope I didn’t screw up and we opened a can of worms.

Congressman Adam Schiff: Hey, just because the whistleblower contacted my staff for help before going to the Inspector General doesn’t mean I shouldn’t chair this investigation. Translation: When you get caught, Divert, Divert, Deny.

President Donald Trump: I’m not meddling into politics, I’m meddling into investigations, Translation: The Mueller Investigation is over. Now it’s my turn to get to the bottom of this.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: The State Department will follow the law in turning over documents requested by congressional committees. Translation: Slow down. Quit harassing the State Department employees and I will turn over what I am required.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani: The State Department turned over documents I gave them from my investigation on Ukraine involvement in our 2016 elections. Translation: Breaking News: Congressional committees now have affidavits implicating the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, George Soros and others. Let’s see what happens.

But there’s more in the news than just the impeachment inquiry. There’s just a little over a year to go before the 2020 elections.

Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized for a few days. Upon leaving, he says he’s looking forward to getting back on the campaign trail. As his numbers are dropping, will he be healthy enough to withstand a year of hard campaigning?

Elizabeth Warren, with more information coming out about Biden, seems to be charging in the polls. Besides her far left leaning ideas, will her total lack of foreign policy experience be brought up next by any other candidate? Probably not. Outside of Biden, none have foreign policy experience.

And if the news was reporting it, back in the news is Tulsi Gabbard. She has qualified for the next debate. Who will Gabbard go after this time? A good guess is Warren and maybe Biden. Look for some fireworks if the moderators from CNN and the New York Times give Gabby a chance to speak.

The Democratic debate will be Tuesday, October 15 starting at 7:00 p.m. Central Time.

On a final note, when will Hillary start the “Draft Hillary Campaign”? She’s slowly been creeping back into the news. Boy, is that creepy!

Until next week.