Politically Speaking – October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019

The fourth debate was last Tuesday night, a long three hours plus. To be sure —just the same ole — a bunch of millionaires telling the rest of us we should share, share and share some more. Typical socialist garbage. With 12 candidates sharing the stage, the debate was held in Westerville Ohio , sponsored by two of the most extreme liberal outlets in the country, CNN and the New York Times.

Prior to the debate, starting, of course, with who else but the DNC chairman Tom Perez. One of his first comments was Democrats can walk and chew gum.” My comment was: Yes! Just not at the same time! And the rest Perez’s comments were exactly what you have come to expect from him. Nothing except propaganda. Out of the 12 candidates, Tulsi Gabbard in my opinion, came out on top although the polls showed it was Elizabeth Warren. The other 10 candidates were VP Joe Biden; Sen. Bernie Sanders; Sen. Kamala Harris; Mayor Pete Buttgieg; Sen. Cory Booker; Sen. Amy Klobuchar; former Rep. Beto O’Rourke; former housing and urban development secretary Julian Castro, former tech executive Andrew Yang, billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer; with Biden and Warren standing next to each other at center stage.

All in all, the whole bunch acted like 2nd graders attacking one another with a couple of them with their hands up, not able to wait to talk and talk some more.

The evening was spent with hair-brain ideas, false facts, attacking one another, and knocking their favorite person, Trump. And of course, Russia came up!

Biden, when asked about his son Hunter’s latest extortion, actually said “Let’s not talk about my corruption, let’s talk about Trump.”

Gabbard, in her white knight suit, when being challenged about involvement in foreign governments actually turned around and challenged Biden by saying, “Why was it okay when you were the VP?”

And to top things off, while talking about Syria in 2011 under Obama’s watch, she also put CNN and The New York Times in their place for smearing her and the other veterans, as well as knocking both parties.

In my opinion, she’s a Democratic worth listening to. That’s why she doesn’t have a chance because in these crazy times she makes sense at times.

Warren’s selling point of the evening was Medicare for all. The cost will go down except for the rich and big corporations. (Her plan for Medicare for all.)

And of course, Bernie chimed in by saying “I wrote the damn bill on health care.”

Folks, if this happens you can kiss healthcare in the country goodbye, and I can’t say I know many medical professionals that would work for the government and the likes of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Frankly, I don’t blame them.

The other topics that were touched on were jobs for all. Half of these candidates are in favor of all government jobs, i.e., socialism. As per income gap, the goal is to throw everyone in the same pot and of course busting up the big corporations. A great way to start another huge depression. And certainly O’Rourke added nothing except more about take away guns, especially the AR15 and AK47s.

Other topics were the opioid epidemic, abortion, and the Supreme Court.

At the end of the evening, Warren spoke the most with 23.1 minutes and Steyer the least with 7.2 minutes. Let me leave you this week with final thoughts.

A government that has total control, from all jobs to healthcare, is a danger. In another word, Socialism.

A government that wants to take guns away from its law abiding citizens is a government you should not relinquish your guns. to. Not now. Not ever!
Until next week!