Politically Speaking – October 20, 2020

October 20, 2020

After the debacle of the Kavanaugh nomination hearings, both political parties knew this one had to be “nicer.” The Republicans got to ask the “softball questions” and elaborate on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s stellar life and career. Meanwhile, the Dems had surmised that attacking the nominee would cost their side big votes in the upcoming election, especially female voters. So they decided to stoke the fear that is currently being done in this year’s election debates.
Their plan:

Attack the president and the Republicans who will take away your current health care if this nomination moves forward. Twenty million people would lose their health insurance. Pre-existing conditions would be eliminated, along with policies effecting Medicare, Medicaide, prescription drugs and more. Health care would be gone!

Bring up the nominee’s pro-life stance, but be very careful. Insinuate that Roe vs. Wade could be facing a serious challenge on the Supreme Court.

Try to trick Judge Amy Coney Barrett into saying something she shouldn’t — Something that might disqualify or damage her nomination. In questioning her, start with “What a lovely family you have,” or “It must have been challenging doing your profession and raising a family of seven incredible children,” or “You certainly have a complex understanding of the law.” Then follow up with, “Now what is your opinion…” or “How would you vote…”

But Judge Amy Coney Barrett was certainly more smart and qualified than she was first given credit for. She conducted herself perfectly throughout the hearings. She remained poised and calm through all the questioning, when I’m sure there were times she wanted to call someone an idiot or worse.

Each time they constantly asked her for an opinion, she had to repeat the fact that judges’ opinions, or how you will vote on any upcoming or potential case is not allowed. She should have made a sign and held it up when she needed to!

Also, when the senators decided to talk about themselves or their past law cases or Senator Whitehouse was bringing out charts and graphs every time he spoke, I’m sure Judge Barrett wanted to roll her eyes or start laughing, but refrained from it.

It was a credit to her judicial professionalism, knowledge and temperament that she made it through the hearings without any incident. I’m sure her mentor, Justice Antonin Scalia, and also Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg would have been proud of her conduct and answers throughout the week.

As the hearings came to a close, Judiciary Chairman Senator Lindsay Graham and Democrat ranking member Senator Dianne Feinstein hugged each other. Senator Feinstein had just earlier thanked Senator Graham for conducting one of the best hearings she had ever participated in. And with that comment and hug, the Left immediately started condemning Senator Feinstein for her actions, and asking for her resignation from the committee. That doesn’t surprise me! The Senate committee had just completed a week of mostly civility and I was beginning to hope that both sides of the aisle could finally return to compromise government. I also think Senator Feinstein and Senator Graham have a secret we don’t know about yet.

On a final note. President Trump, in the final phase of his campaign is crisscrossing the country every day with rallies. He says this will go on until Election Day. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has events sporadically and is comfortable with staying home at other times. Is the race tightening?