Politically Speaking – October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015

Last Tuesday evening the spotlight was on the Democrats. CNN hosted the first Presidential Democratic Debate. The stage was set with only five candidates. The questions came from everyday Americans like you and me  across the country while Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Jim Webb took to the stage. After the national anthem they were off and running. With Hillary front and center, each candidate introduced themselves starting with Chafee (the metric man) with 30 years of public service. Next up Jim Webb who is a Vietnam veteran, a senator, a father and a husband. O’Malley, a life-long Democrat with 15 years as an executive leader and former mayor of Baltimore, Maryland.

Sanders, an admitted socialist, stressed the need for climate change and also pointed out our country has more people in jail than any other country in the world. His motto: “Let’s take back our government” — a perfect opportunity for him to say Hillary Clinton is part of the current big government regime.
Then it was Clinton’s turn. She said she was proud to serve as first lady and of course talked about being a grandmother of  a 1 year old.

The questions started with Hillary’s flip flops, especially addressing TPP, a trade agreement that she said, “would be the gold standard” and now she’s against it. She took a stab at answering but never did.
By the end of the evening my mind had not changed about Hillary. If you want more of the same, she’s your girl, and when she pointed out we had handled Libya well, it was a dead give away she doesn’t have a clue.
As per Sanders, second in the Democratic current polls, his points were we should rob from the rich (kill that goose that lays the golden egg) and give to the poor. Yay! More free phones!  And to round it up he was a conscientious objector and refused to go to Vietnam, but I expected no more from him!

Frankly, in my opinion credibility is still a huge issue with Hillary. Sanders has, I believe, been honest, but I simply can’t agree with his beliefs and I don’t see him as presidential material.

As per the rest? They aren’t going anywhere except home!

I personally don’t like Donald Trump but he could beat anyone of the gang of 5 on the stage last Tuesday evening.

But I’ll leave you with a thought. If Joe Biden steps in, we’re looking at a completely different story.  Rumor has it we’ll know soon.

Up next, Obama flip flops on military action in Afghanistan. A major happening last week — a flip flop I agree with — at this time the U.S. has 9,800 troops in Afghanistan. They will remain through 2016. After that 5,500 will be there into 2017.

This is a major shift in Obama’s policy to bring all troops home by the end of 2016 with only a small embassy-based force left behind. Is he doing the right thing? All you have to do is remember the premature withdrawal of troops in Iraq and look what followed.

Going back to the Democratic Presidential candidates… I found it interesting that last Thursday, leading Democratic candidates were silent about Obama’s decision and that includes Hillary Clinton who served as Obama’s Secretary of State.

And last but not least, looking back, I remember a big to-do when V.P. Dick Cheney accidentally shot a friend while dove hunting. You couldn’t find a newspaper, radio station or TV station that didn’t beat it to death.

So with the current gun-hostile administration we have in the White House, I would think it would be headline news that one of Barack Obama’s then White House staffers Barvetta Singletary was arrested after allegedly firing a gun at her cop boyfriend during a domestic dispute.

Now, granted, Barvetta Singletary, a lower level White House staffer, is no VP, so wouldn’t grab as many headlines, but I don’t recall reading or hearing about this late August incident at all.

Either way, Ms. Singletary won’t help advance her (former) boss’s crusade against gun violence.  It didn’t take long for her to resign her $125,000 a year job last month.

With the chummy bedfellows the current administration and the major liberal news outlets have become over the years, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised which gun-related incident got more news coverage. The weapon of choice was a .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon.

A closing thought: looking back at both the Republican and Democratic debates, I would have liked to hear just one candidate in their opening remarks about who they are say “I’m a Christian.” Looking at the corruption in the political arena — the mass shootings, some openly targeting Christians, it’s apparent to me Christianity is under siege in America and the breakdown of the American Family is one of the biggest problems!

Until next week!