Politically Speaking – October 2, 2019

October 1, 2019

The circus has come to town! Crazy Washington, especially many in The House of Representatives, has once again renewed my faith that it’s all a show to them and they have no intention of getting significant legislation on infrastructure, healthcare, etc. passed. Their lives revolve around investigations.

Two and a half years wasted with the Mueller investigation and now the next year plus on impeachment inquiries of six separate committees, and whatever comes next.

True to form, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (just like years ago with her signature line, “We’ve got to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it,”) decided to launch an impeachment inquiry because of President Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine leader before the actual transcript from the White House was released to Congress.

And then Intel Committee Chair “Shifty” Adam Schiff in the opening remarks of the Intel Committee meeting “jokingly” recited his “godfather” version of the phone transcript. Later in the meeting he had to explain he was not reading from the transcript, but doing a parody of it.

Well, that got me to thinking… How did Speaker Pelosi, who had been opposed to impeachment politically, suddenly decide to do the impeachment inquiry? Did a powerful leader in Congress “convince” her to begin the impeachment process?

I think it went like this:

AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez): (Running into Speaker Pelosi’s office): “Nancy, Nancy! I mean Madame Speaker, sorry. We got him! We can finally impeach that #%*#@! Everyone’s buying what the whistleblower said.”

Pelosi: Hold on there, missy. You’re moving too fast. We haven’t seen the transcript of the phone call yet.

AOC: It doesn’t matter what it says, Nancy. Oops, sorry again. OUR press is all over it.

Pelosi: Look, kid. I’m packing. I’m getting ready for my two week vacation — I mean two week recess. It can wait!
AOC: But, Madame Speaker, if we impeach him now and do something to Pence, you get to be Madame President. President Pelosi!

Pelosi: Hmm. Let me think a second! Okay, I’m going to immediately launch an impeachment inquiry for six committees to investigate simultaneously.” The media, even Fox, will be all over this for at least two weeks and when I get back from vacation — I mean recess — we’ll get those Articles of Impeachment ready to go.

AOC: What do you want me to do while you’re on vacation — ­ I mean recess?

Pelosi: Just keep working on digging dirt on those Republican senators that we can blackmail into voting on impeachment.

AOC: We’ve got a few already, Madame Speaker!

Pelosi: Wonderful! And in case I didn’t tell you, that was a great idea you had about getting a whistleblower.

Hope you enjoyed the humor this week.

Until next week.