Politically Speaking – November 7, 2017

November 7, 2017

I can’t thank those enough that have called, stopped by, sent letters or emails, and folks that have stopped me on the street. I have been touched by all the comments, especially my longtime followers that I consider friends. I was especially touched by a lovely lady that ended her comments by saying, “After a rest (I pray peace for you at this crossroad) may you continue to write your judicious insights. We all need guidance; you’ve got the lamp.”

As I take this break, I’ve listened to and read very little in the political world, just enough to keep abreast of the latest news. It’s simply in my blood, because I so love my country. I was especially disheartened again on Friday morning when I saw that Bergdahl got off, in my opinion, for desertion in Afghanistan. The liberal judge sentenced him to a $10,000 fine and said his five years in captivity in the Taliban’s hands was enough punishment. I found myself again siding with our President when he called for nothing short of execution.

I’ll end this short column by thanking our beloved veterans who have given so much for our freedom. God bless our military and veterans.