Politically Speaking November 6, 2018

November 6, 2018

When the voting ends Tuesday, Nov. 6 it will result in one of three things: a GOP sweep, a split house, or a Democrat sweep.

But the important point I would like to make is I hope and pray — yes, pray — that the 2018 midterm election will change the political course of America, hopefully for the better!

To date there have been many polls; frankly, I put no stock in any of them. The reason is relatively simple. As of Sunday, November 4, 33 million have already voted. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a record breaker. That’s a historical high early voting record, the biggest turnout of voting since 1966.

No matter the outcome, both sides pulled out all the stops. The Republican agenda in the 2018 midterm seemed to focus on immigration while the Democrat agenda seemed to be hate Trump, Trump, and more Trump!

This is mind boggling to me. Somehow it seems that the Democrats could look at everything from job growth and the economy to a 3.2% wage growth. They should want to work for the good of the country instead of pure hate talk along with impeachment for who knows what. I’d like to know since no one has been able to give me an answer aside from just because!

The number one reason I don’t give any credit to the polls is the fact that there was more early voting in this midterm election than in the 2014 midterm, and it somewhat compares to the 2016 general election, which took most by surprise. That is indeed what voting should be like.

So what is my prediction? It’s hard to say. As closely as I’ve followed, it’s iffy, and even the pollsters are scratching their heads.
I believe that the GOP will hold the Senate and garnish 53 or 54 seats instead of the 51 they hold now.

As for Congress, I personally believe the GOP will hold it after a hard-earned fight, thanks to suburban moms that will swing big time because of fear for their sons after staying tuned to the Kavanaugh debacle. And what a sideshow that was!

Going to current control of the House before the final votes are in: Democrats 193, Republicans 235.

So the question is, will it be a red wave or a blue wave? Who knows! Both parties had a lot of seats to defend. Both parties had their work cut out for them. The reality at the last minute is no one can predict this one, no matter what the polls say, for two reasons;

#1) The huge turnout for voting.
#2) Kavanaugh.

But no matter what, I, for one, hope and pray that this nation can return to civility, because the last two years have been far from it.

Until next week.