Politically Speaking – November 3, 2020

November 3, 2020

Most of you (except our online Tuesday readers) will be reading this after Election Day. As I write this I don’t know who won or is winning the Presidential Election, if it is not decided on Election Day. So, here are some of my thoughts about this election.

First up, the Democrats. Obviously they had planned to make this election about fear. For three years they painted Trump, the outsider, as the President we should be very afraid of. After all, he’s always been working with our enemy, Russia. And with his temper, he might lead us into war with North Korea, Iran or China because he is truly crazy and uncontrollable. And then came the real fear of COVID-19 and they pushed the agenda that Trump was to blame. No need to talk about anything else.

And which Democrat could best represent their party? Well, Bernie Sanders almost won Iowa and did win New Hampshire and Nevada (almost 50% of the vote). So one would guess Bernie would be their choice for President. But the Party thought he was too old and too radical (a new revolution!) to win. How about Pete Buttigieg? Too young and too inexperienced, etc. Kamala Harris? Too liberal, too mad and too vocal (she even attacked Biden).

Biden, that’s it! Forty-seven years of experience, a smooth campaigner, looks younger than he is, and Obama’s V.P. Yes, they’ll vote for Joe because of Obama! Get the Party behind Joe and make sure he wins South Carolina big! “He’s our man, man!” But what if he wins then gets sick? No problem, the Party will pick a good Vice President. And remember, it’s all about fear… fear… fear. Emotion… Emotion… Emotion. Don’t get caught with specific facts about what you will do as President. Many voters just vote for who they like or against someone they don’t like. And a lot of people don’t like Trump including all of our media owners and commentators. With their help over the last four years, we’ve got the election in the bag!

And then there’s President Trump pushing for four more years. He’s hoping that voters remember why they voted for him in 2016. Yes, a lot of them didn’t like or trust Hillary and voted for him. But many voted for Trump because they were tired of Washington politics, didn’t like the direction Obama was taking the country, or just thought a businessman never in politics would run the country differently.

And for the first three years of the Trump presidency (more on that later) everything on the economy, job creation and foreign policy seemed to be on a winning way for the USA.

And then COVID hit! The Democratic Party started planning to make COVID his downfall. Criticize his actions. (Remember Biden criticizing the fact Trump closed our borders to China.) Make COVID his fault. I’m guessing that if 2020 in the U.S.A. had started with a major catastrophic hurricane or a major earthquake or a large meteor hitting earth, that would have been Trump’s fault and every decision would have been scrutinized.

Of course, what we have is such a different acting virus infecting most major countries on earth, that even the scientific community has been guessing what to do, right or wrong, from the beginning.

And speaking of right and wrong, it’s just wrong to vote on personality alone. Granted, President Trump does not act or sound “presidential.” But he was elected to get things done for America, rather than play “the political games.”

Let’s look at some of President Trump’s accomplishments for all of us in this great United States of America during the last four years. Unarguable accomplishments that benefit all Americans.

  1. Largest package of tax cuts and reform in history.
  2. Manufacturing jobs grew at the fastest rate in thirty years.
  3. Lowest unemployment rates for African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, and also those without a high school diploma. Lowest rate for women in the last 65 years.
  4. Median household income hit the highest level ever recorded.
  5. Better health services for our veterans.
  6. Record funding for improvements to our military.
  7. USA is now energy independent (no foreign oil).
  8. NATO allies now spending more on their defense.
  9. Bringing troops abroad home.
  10. Imposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, plus other tariffs on China.
  11. Replaced NAFTA with U.S., Canada, Mexico Trade Deal
    Until next week.

And yes, there were a lot more accomplishments that Americans will argue for and against. But that’s another column.