Politically Speaking November 12, 2019

November 12, 2019

In the news:

President Trump commits quid pro quo in Alabama.

Impeachment hearings start Wednesday.

Michael Bloomberg set for Presidential bid.

First up, President Trump. Last Saturday President Trump attended the Alabama–LSU football game. Always the showman, Trump found one more way to control the news cycle away from Washington. But during the game, he committed a quid pro quo while the media was watching him. He gave ten dollars to a vendor for a hot dog. Yes, that’s right. He gave someone something in exchange for something else (quid pro quo). You see, it happens every day in our lives, in every politician’s life, in every State Department employee’s life, in every world leader’s life. It’s called negotiations. It’s only a problem when someone in power asks someone to do something illegal in return. You know, like Joe Biden who publicly said, “Fire this person in Ukraine and you’ll get your money.” And look what happened to Joe! Nothing! And how did the media react? Nothing!

This whole impeachment inquiry is a farce. Read President Trump’s transcript of the call with President Zelensky. Unlike what the media has reported, the favor was to investigate the Ukrainian connection in the 2016 U.S. election and the following Steele dossier that started the two plus years of the Mueller Investigation. In fact, the call took place right after the Mueller Investigation finished. And yes, in their conversation Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are finally mentioned because of the connection to Burisma, and Biden’s quid pro quo comment.

All of which is interpreted by the lamestream media as “digging up dirt on Trump’s political opponent.”

So, on with the impeachment hearings, or should I say Impeachment Inquiry Hearings? Chaired by “Shifty” Adam Schiff, who makes up the rules as he goes along, the first day (Wednesday) should be chaos. Schiff has to approve all witnesses, will control times for witnesses and guide his witnesses into what he wants them to say.

Meanwhile, Republican Jim Jordan, who was recently appointed to the Intel Committee, will probably be frustrated by the proceedings by the end of the day. It won’t be a witch hunt, but an orchestrated script for a quick judge and jury guilty verdict. And of course the lamestream media will probably receive advance copies of the day’s activities so they twist what happened all day long.

The show hasn’t started yet, but I’m sure there will be enough Pinocchio awards for all, including the media.

On to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has “almost” thrown his hat in the Presidential ring by filing for the primary in Alabama (deadline was Friday, November 8). Michael Bloomberg, 77, a billionaire businessman (net worth $52 billion) and three time mayor of New York City, is said to question whether any current Democratic candidate can defeat Donald Trump in 2020. Front runner Joe Biden hasn’t seemed to be performing well, and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren might be too liberal for a general election win. In the past, Bloomberg said he was willing to spend $100 million of his own money to win the Presidency.

On his negative side, through the years, Bloomberg has been a Democrat, then Republican, then Independent and back to Democrat again. In addition, his potential Democratic rivals will claim he will be trying to buy an election and that just isn’t the American way.

But just think, if he becomes the challenger to Trump in 2020, the headlines could read: “Battle of New York Giants”
“Former Mayor Giuliani slams Former Mayor Bloomberg”
“Poker game between candidates to choose President”
“Hillary Clinton enters race against boys”

Until next week!