Politically Speaking – May 8, 2018

May 8, 2018

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! That’s the open hate talk of the left targeting Donald Trump. Is all this a conspiracy? It makes one wonder as it’s been going on since Day One of President Donald Trump’s presidency.

What I find interesting is when someone tells me he should be impeached and I ask why, the comment I get each and every time is that he’s unfit! Of course, my next question is, “In what way is he unfit?” Again, I get nothing other than what is speculation, and of course, what they perceive as Trump’s motives. A prime example is the interference in the 2016 election using the Russian Collusion theory.

So going back to impeachment just for a minute, let me say a President can’t be tried and impeached based on:
1) The other side thinking that he’s unfit, just because.
2) What the other side thinks is his motive.
3) Who he fired, no matter what the other side thinks is his motive.

All this has been going on, as I said earlier, since he was elected. By who? The far left, the Democratic Establishment — including some in the FBI, CIA, and DOJ — and the Republican Washington Establishment.

I watched Meet the Press last Sunday. I found it interesting the topic was still Stormy Daniels, as Chuck Todd interviewed her attorney, Michael Avenatti. And when Todd asked of the lawsuit, “Why now?” no clear answer was given. Seriously, I don’t think she was worried about her reputation. She made that herself.

And so the interview went in circles, encompassing a number of issues, including Mueller, which left me wondering what Mueller had to do with Trump’s activities a decade ago.

Then, in my opinion, Stormy’s attorney laid a bombshell. One of the issues at the bottom of all this garbage coming to the surface is this quote from the attorney, “We need to decide if he (referring to Trump) is fit to serve as president.” All of a sudden Stormy’s actions against Trump became crystal clear. The purpose is to impeach! Any good attorney will tell you actions while in office are impeachable, motives are not impeachable.
But the fact remains, I’d rather question a lie about Stormy Daniels than listen to lie after lie from the Obama Administration. For one, Susan Rice went on every Sunday morning talk show saying that the attack on the post that killed four Americans including Ambassador Stephens was a protest that simply got out of hand! I remember Benghazi. Do you?

In my opinion, that was an offense. The motive was to mislead the American people after taking no action to save Americans in harm’s way while the people in power sat and watched it in real time, when in fact, there was help close enough to intervene that was ordered to stand down. In my opinion, these actions were impeachable.

So with all that said, keep in mind the reason Donald Trump is the President now is because of the prior behavior of the past administration.
The real news this week is:
• The Iran Deal deadline comes up this week.
• A decision has to be made on where the Kim /Trump summit will be held.

Both of these are positive news, worthy of reporting. That’s why the liberal media ignored these talking points. The truth is, Donald Trump’s approval rating is improving daily. And a point to remember is that only 17% of the American citizens trust the government to do the right thing. And that poll was pre-Trump!

Until next week.