Politically Speaking – May 5, 2020

May 5, 2020

I’ll start this week’s column with a little humor. God knows it wouldn’t hurt any of us to smile and have a laugh, and that’s exactly what I did when I saw this week’s cartoon. It reminded me of working from my home office space, complete with the pain killer, five-hour-old coffee, and doggie paws. Next week I’m sneaking back into my office in my comfortable work environment, minus dogs and cat, complete with social distancing, hand sanitizer and mask. Our office still isn’t open to the public. However, rest assured we’re here to serve your needs, so feel free to call us or email us.

Now let me remind you last week’s column started with news that State Rep Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) filed a lawsuit on April 23 against Gov. J.B. Pritzker for a violation of civil rights, and last week it was reported that Darren Bailey beat Governor J.B. Pritzker’s ‘stay at home’ order when Clay County Chief Circuit Judge Michael D. McHaney ruled in favor of State Rep. Darren Bailey’s challenge to Governor J.B. Pritizker’s statewide ‘stay at home’ order during a Monday court hearing, granting Bailey a temporary restraining order that only covers the Representative. However, Bailey says he will continue to push the issue and hold the Governor responsible to the public health laws already on the books.

“Our governor has acted as if he knows best, but he does not know what’s best for all 12 million residents in our state,” said Bailey. “We have a mechanism in place through the Illinois Department of Public Health; and how to act during a pandemic was laid out many years ago, long before J.B. Pritzker came to office. I’ve asked him since day one to respect local governments throughout the state and he’s refused, but I believe this lawsuit is the mechanism by which ‘we the people’ will be allowed to govern ourselves as our constitution demands.”

Bailey’s attorney Tom DeVore said Illinois has had a pandemic/influenza response plan in place for many years, a plan approved by the Illinois legislature, that is a 120-page guide that covers the current COVID-19 situation.

“It’s called the state of Illinois Department of Public Health Pandemic/Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan,” said DeVore. “It’s a law promulgated by the legislative branch that lays out how the Department of Public Health is to manage these types of pandemics. It’s very detailed. It’s working now. I’ve talked to my county health department and they use this plan now. It’s very effective and more importantly it contains due process within the law for individuals pertaining to a quarantine.”

“The comments by Judge McHaney make it clear in my opinion that the governor or the legislative leaders could have called us back into session to debate and clarify the emergency powers, but they have not done so. The U.S. Congress has met using common sense distancing and even local city councils and county boards have been meeting with the use of technology like Zoom. The only other option at this point to ensure the checks and balances of power in Illinois are through the courts,” added Bailey.

Bailey argued that under state law, Pritzker could not extend his first executive order beyond 30 days. Another court hearing on a permanent injunction is expected within 30 days.

So on to the next topic. Our corporations have policies — company policies — and those policies are for everyone, no exceptions to the rule. As an owner and part of the management team, we all live with the rules, and that includes me and mine. If I expect everyone to abide by policy, then I should also live with it. It doesn’t matter that I set the policy. I’ve always believed it’s wrong to say, “Do as I say, not as I do!”

So with that said, I don’t mind one bit telling you that Pritzker dropped about a thousand notches in my eyes last week when a reporter questioned him about his wife going to Florida. What he did was dodge the questions. It seems his wife and family are off limits. But in my opinion, she (as a citizen of Illinois) should be living under the same Illinois rules as the rest of us.

But it seems the Illinois Governor won’t answer questions about his wife skipping out of Illinois and jumping on a plane to Florida during his extended ‘stay at home’ order. Last Wednesday during a question and answer press conference, a reporter asked him point blank about his wife leaving the state to stay at their multi-million dollar mansion in Florida.

It went something like this: Where’s the First Lady? Is she accompanied by a state security detail? Is she engaged in non essential travel? What is your response to the people who obey the ‘stay at home’ order when your family doesn’t abide by the non essential travel ban?

The Governor came back at the reporter in a less-than-respectful way, with an arrogant tone that basically left an impression that his real attitude was: No bread? Let them eat cake! Hmmm. Who said that? His attitude said, in essence, we’ll do what we want to do, you peasants! I make the rules, so me and mine can break them and do as we please!

But in reality, he continued on to say, “The first thing I’d say is that in politics it used to be that we kept our families out of it. My official duties have nothing to do with my family, so I’m not going to answer that question. It’s inappropriate, and I find it reprehensible, honestly, that a reporter wrote a story about it.

I couldn’t help but think about what the media would have done if former Governor Bruce Rauner’s wife would have done this. They would have turned Rauner and his wife every way but loose. Just for your information, Pritzker purchased a $12 million horse farm in Florida in 2018 just days prior to being elected Governor of Illinois. My recommendation, Governor, is to be sure and tell your extreme liberal media friends and fellow Democrats that Donald Trump’s family is off limits.

Pritzker’s hypocrisy is unbelievable and unacceptable. And speaking of hypocrisy and unacceptable, my mind flashes back to the Kavanaugh trials and then flashes forward to Creepy Joe Biden. This will be one to watch. Talk about double standards and we’ll set the rules, we just won’t play by them. Wake the hell up, people!

So it’s okay to question Trump, the First Lady and her child, but don’t you dare question a Democrat.

But in the meantime, stay safe, stay home if you can, wash your hands, keep your distance. Keep others’ safety in mind.

Next week, I’ll be taking a close look for you at our Illinois State Representatives and Senators and what they are doing to reopen Southern Illinois. Some on the radar are: John Shimkus, Tammy Duckworth, Richard Durbin, Jason Plummer, Paul Schimpf, Dale Fowler, Charlie Meier, Terri Bryant, Jay Hoffman, Blaine Wilhour and Mike Bost. Many of you have asked for this and next week you will get it!

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