Politically Speaking – May 29, 2018

May 29, 2018

Spin… Spin.. Spin… So much spinning I think everyone is getting dizzy.

First President Trump gets a Historic Meeting with North Korea, a feat that no other U.S. President has been able to accomplish. Then how does the liberal media spin it? No praise, no attaboy… just downplay it, of course, and question if it will really happen because everyone else who attempted it failed.

Then in pre-negotiations, Trump pulls away from the meeting. How does the media respond? They say Trump is no deal maker, he’s a deal breaker, and they list eight of Obama’s deals or policies Trump has now or will reverse: Iran deal, TPP, EPA regulations, tax reform, ACA, etc., etc. Obviously, they don’t agree with any of Trumps reversals, and here’s a great opportunity to talk about them and put Trump down again. What they failed to realize or chose not to mention was in any negotiation, a “walk-away” is one of the tools of negotiation.

Obviously, Trump and the world saw the supposed destruction of a nuclear power plant by North Korea. In watching it televised, it appeared to me there were a lot of Hollywood-like aboveground explosions, not the destruction of an underground nuclear test site. Could this have been part of Trump’s decision to break away?

And then, like many negotiations, 24 hours later the historic meeting is possibly back on. And how does “the media” respond? “We’ve got whiplash!” Nothing positive to say about the meeting now being back on at all. Stay tuned for the next media spin as the negotiations move forward.

Saturday morning South Korea announced a second summit with North Korea. Let’s see how this one gets spun.

Will they give all the credit to them and none to Trump?

Still in the news is the 2016 election, and it probably will be at this rate until the 2020 election. Wow, we hear the FBI planted an agent into Trump’s campaign. And we hear it spun that it might have been for Trump’s own good. You know, like when someone in control (a parent or an administration) stops you from doing something (like win an election) for your own good. You know, like when the Hillary Camp and the DNC tried to keep (colluded??) Bernie Sanders from winning an election. Perhaps as all this “collusion stuff” continues, maybe the tide will turn to the Hillary campaign in 2016. After all, we know her husband Bill was paid $500,000 for a speech in Russia.and met with Putin while she was Secretary of State. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg about the 2016 Hillary campaign. More on that later.

Until next week.