Politically Speaking – March 7, 2018

March 6, 2018
Have we come to a tipping point when it comes to gun control? Possibly, especially when it comes to assault weapons.
I have said in the past I’m 100% for protecting the Second Amendment.
In last week’s column, I also went so far as to point out some of the problems that I felt were contributing to the gun violence in our country. The issue of banning assault weapons was not among those things. I also firmly believe these suggestions need to be addressed before any changes can or will happen.
So with that said, we need to address the real issues causing the problem, and that’s not done by banning guns and making it harder for law-abiding citizens to own a  gun.
But in the meantime, our State Representative of the 107th District, John Cavaletto, sent me the following information from the Illinois State Rifle Association, and I felt it was worth sharing.
Did you Know?
• That the firearms industry pays $129,920,700 in taxes in Illinois.
• That the firearms industry provides $639,604,000 in wages to Illinois workers.
• That there are 194 manufacturers of firearms and firearm parts in Illinois.
• That there are 2,261,593 Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card holders in Illinois, as of February 14, 2018.
• That each FOID card holder goes through 360 background checks per year? That is over 814,173,480 background checks per year (there are no checks done on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, and the Fourth of July).
• That there are 279,955 Illinois Concealed Carry License holders in Illinois? Each one of those goes through an enhanced background check in addition to their FOID background check. That’s another 100,789,200 background checks. That is over 914,971,680 background checks on law-abiding gun owners, as of February 14, 2018. It goes up each month because there are more FOID card holders and ICCL licenses.
• That in the United States, firearms are used in self-defense approximately 2,500,000 times per year, or 6,850 times a day.
• That every time a firearm is legally purchased in Illinois, whether it is from a dealer, gun show or a private sale, there are background checks performed.
In closing on the subject, I’ll say it again, no kid needs an AR-15 or any assault weapon. However, a pocket knife could be dangerous in some hands. We can’t fix the problem until the real reasons are addressed.
On to the media trade war, and yes, I think the liberal media is one-sided on Trump’s recent suggested tariff on steel and aluminum. All this talk about hurting America’s economy and costing jobs is mind-boggling to me.
To start with, the steel, aluminum and iron industry has taken a beating over the years, long before Trump stepped into the oval office. And to push Trump’s agenda as per steel and aluminum, tariffs could be helpful. As the liberal media screams, NONO, NO, let me point out there will be NO downstream effect on the suggested tariff. Looking at the big picture, the reality is if we keep doing what we’re doing, we won’t have a steel or aluminum industry before long. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with a fair deal for America, and that’s what Trump wants.
However, on a positive note, this move — in simple words — made him the labor union’s Man of Steel when he suggested a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports.
And talk about a flip, the battle lines are beginning to form, with some Democrats and labor unions moving toward Trump on this latest move, while he is taking criticism from some Republicans and conservatives.
A prime example of this recent flip is Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) who has a lifetime 98% rating from the AFL-CIO. He had this to say in agreement with Trump’s tariff, “I’m very supportive of what the President has done.  What China has been doing is bullshit. They’re cheating, they’re subsidizing their product.”
What Trump is suggesting is a no brainer.
Without the steel, iron and aluminum industry “we don’t have a country that can protect itself… and certainly it will create good American jobs.
For me, this isn’t a partisan issue. It’s an American issue and America First!!
A final note: March 20 is the Illinois primary election. Mark it on your calendar to VOTE!
Until next time.
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