Politically Speaking – March 14, 2018

March 13, 2018
In the news last week, Trump made good on a campaign promise and imposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. However, he’s already stepped it back. For instance, Canada is now exempt as well as Europe and other allies like Australia. China isn’t exempt, as usual. They’re cheating, but what’s new. The tariffs will go into effect in approximately ten days. Nearly half the GOP House members and others breathed a sigh of relief after the exemptions were reported.
Already the coal industry has turned a corner.
And this week, one to watch is the current race in Pennsylvania. Trump traveled to campaign for his guy  Rick Saccone, in a special House election. He’s running head to head with his Democratic opponent Conor Lamb. This is a state that used to be a heavy steel manufacturer. Let’s see if the steel tariff helps his friend. One thing is for sure, Trump waited till the last minute to climb up on the stump in support of Saccone.
On to the porn star / Trump scandal. Frankly, folks, I’m pretty sick of all the finger pointing, and I think enough is enough. Take the current Trump accuser who goes back to years ago. It’s apparent this affair was consentual and let’s face it, this is just another finger pointer.
And no, I don’t think sexual abuse is okay, and I, for one, would fight for justice when the case is real. So in the case of Stormy Daniels’ alleged affair, the point is WHAT! Enough said. I find this as laughable as the finger pointing coming out of Hollywood.
On to an important subject: Election Day. Primary elections will be held next Tuesday, March 20 across the state of Illinois. I encourage everyone to get out and vote. That’s your American right, and many have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom to exercise that right!
Until next time.
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