Politically Speaking – March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

Is there anything that will stop Donald Trump, especially the last attempt by Marco Rubio? The answer is no.

I found it interesting Sunday morning on MSNBC that Al Sharpton was elaborating on Rubio’s comment about Trump being a con man. These negative digs are coming from a man (Al Sharpton) that has some personal issues, enough so I continue to wonder how he stays out of jail over taxes.

I found myself continuously wanting to remind those — Republicans and Democrats — that talk about Trump the con man that Barack Obama had no experience in the business sector, had little political experience. The only thing he could do was give a great speech. I’ve got to give him that.

Obama’s whole political career was won by default, starting with the Illinois Senate. How was he elected? Easy, he was chosen by the Illinois Democratic machine and it spun from there.

Then he continued with super delegates success. I touched on that briefly last week. Yet no one called Barack Obama a con man.

In comes Hillary Clinton. Super delegates will keep her on top along with the DNC and liberal media. She started the primary season up more than 400 delegates over Bernie because of super delegates. Not that I like what Bernie Sanders stands for, but I do think he’s real and sincere, and he’s getting a bad deal all the way around.

Last week I really didn’t appreciate it when, during a rally for Hillary, speaker Bill Clinton had a veteran escorted out because he asked a question about a lie Hillary told over the caskets of those killed at Benghazi. The kicker was, the man ordered out by draft dodger Bill Clinton was a veteran who served two tours of duty in Iraq. Of course the Hillary supporters cheered. It kind of tells you what’s important to many Hillary supporters, but certainly not all of them.

On to South Carolina. Hillary had a blowout; 74% carried her. According to CBS News, African Americans accounted for 61% of the primary voters, although African Americans comprise just 29% of South Carolina’s population??

Nor will I be shocked on Super Tuesday if Hillary comes out on top again. The DNC is against Sanders just like the GOP establishment and liberal media is against Trump. Both are last ditch efforts to stop outsiders, to get rid of people they can’t buy or control.

Our country is hungry for real leaders. We all know this has been a very strange campaign, one that no one could have predicted six months ago or even three months ago. At this point anything can happen. Last Sunday Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a veteran (D-Hawaii), announced she resigned from the DNC as Vice Chair so she could support Bernie Sanders, To me that speaks loud and clear!

On to Super Tuesday, March 1. If  Trump takes it — and the numbers show he will — as well as March 15, it’s pretty much over. In my opinion there will be three left standing: Trump, Rubio and Cruz. If none get the delegates they need then it’s possible we’re looking at an open Republican Convention, and that could backfire on the GOP.

I’ll leave you this week with a final thought (not a prediction):
President Trump;
Vice President John Kasich;
U.S. Attorney General Chris Christie;
Surgeon General Ben Carson;
Director of Education Bernie Sanders;
Hillary Clinton indicted.

Until next week.