Politically Speaking – June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018

We’re getting closer to the Trump-Kim summit being held in Singapore Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. By the time you read this column I’m sure we’ll all know the results. On Saturday, Trump arrived at the set destination 10,000 miles from Washington just a short time after Kim Jong-un and started preparing.

My prediction is they could meet for 60 seconds until the President says no dice, or one meeting could turn into two or three or four. Let’s face facts, you don’t undo 70 years of war overnight. Who knows? But what I do know is in 16 months Donald Trump has accomplished more than Barack Obama did in eight years and is the first sitting U.S. President that’s met face to face with any North Korean leader.

While the left ranted for failure, the Prime Minister of Japan said, “This is a major step forward.” The bottom line is, with Donald Trump as our leader, America is once again getting her mojo back!

On to the NFL, specifically the Philadelphia Eagles — many of whom, in my opinion, are unpatriotic, spoiled rotten, overpaid, unappreciative brats. President Donald Trump reached out to the football players and invited 60 to the White House, which most of us would consider an honor. When he found out only six planned on attending, he canceled. Instead, Trump made it a celebration party for the U.S.A. I say good for Trump.

Of course CNN took the low road, calling Trump fake. Wow, coming from CNN, could I have fun with that one. But on top of that, they called him a racist.

But putting all that aside, go to the NFL players protesting. I actually know of people that think a football game is a good venue and time to protest by kneeling during the national anthem. Personally, I’ll never think that’s acceptable. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. The price many have paid for our freedom is way too high for anyone to disrespect the national anthem as well as burning the U.S flag.

But with that said, those same people that paid a heavy price gave us the right, the freedom to protest, and I’m okay with that, but not at a football game during the national anthem. Take it somewhere else and don’t show disrespect for those that gave you that right!

In my opinion, these protests failed. All the football players did was turn millions of people off. There hasn’t been a football game watched in our home since all this craziness started, and there probably won’t be again.

These players should be grateful they have the opportunity to live in a country where they have the freedom and the right to pursue their dreams and be paid well for what they do. To be fair, last season none of the Philadelphia Eagles players took a knee.

On to Washington. Last week when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked what she thought about the record low unemployment numbers, her comment was, “Hip hip hurray. What does that mean to me?” This shows you how Speaker Pelosi thinks. But this is the same woman that defended the M-13 gang.

And last, to top the week off, a leak investigation led to a Senate aide’s indictment. James Wolfe was indicted on Thursday after it was found he was sharing information over pillow talk with New York Times reporter Ali Watkins. She hasn’t been indicted yet for receiving classified information, but if Jeff Sessions comes out of hiding, not only will he nail the ex-Senate aide, but the New York Times reporter as well.

Until next week.