Politically Speaking – July 7, 2020

July 7, 2020

By now we’ve all seen the video of the two attorneys from St. Louis with their guns. I personally believe in the right to protest. It’s your First Amendment right — freedom of speech! But while exercising your rights, stay off of private property. Don’t destroy property. If I would have been threatened as the couple said they were, I might very well have done the same thing! Enough is enough!

We all — and I do mean all — should not violate one another’ rights.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey are both attorneys, and the reason I mention this is both have taken on civil rights cases. Both are liberals and totally support the Black Lives Matter movement. Mr. McCloskey said on CNN he literally feared for his own life and his wife’s life, as well as his hearth and home. He mentioned his pets as well.

What I found curious is the different networks handled the story differently. Some interviewed, like Fox News did. Chris Cuomo of CNN challenged Mr. McCloskey. And before you say it, some have accused me of being brainwashed by Fox, but let me assure you, I’ve always made up my own mind. Ask anyone who knows me well. No one — and I mean no one — could brainwash me. I do feel Fox has changed, and not for the better.

However, let me share with each and every one of you: I’m totally fed up with everything on both sides, from political parties to what’s happening on a daily basis.

How did we go from taking a knee during the National Anthem… to COVID-19… to destroying a booming economy… to hard-working, struggling business owners losing their businesses… to peaceful protests turning into looting and burning businesses… to blocking highways… to violent mobs (not peaceful protesters for a worthwhile cause) killing innocent people… to an idiot mayor and governor in Seattle allowing a takeover of privately owned property by a bunch of people that want to occupy an area they don’t own and have no right to … to a crazy war on cops… to destroying and vandalizing statues and monuments… to replacing “The Star Spangled Banner” written by Francis Scott Key with “This Land Is Your Land” written by Woody Guthrie who was associated with the Communist Party and literally wrote a column for a Communist paper that was named “Woody Sez”?

And yes, the statue of Francis Scott Key has been toppled as well. And the latest threat has been the carved faces of four Presidents that represent important events and themes in our history: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore. What’s next? Statues and stained glass windows depicting Jesus Christ?

At this point, silence is not golden! And again I’ll say, those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it. Make no mistake, this is a war against you!

But above all, I’m disgusted with some Republicans as well as the Democrats. Anyone supporting Donald Trump and our freedom of speech could face consequences. In my opinion, that’s the goal. It’s all a dangerous radical game, an extremist plan.

So backing up, why do I say the Republicans? Because some have not supported this President that has done more than anyone in 20 plus years, and they are failing the American People.

1) We are entitled to total equality.

2) The two parties should not forget to defend the normal American family. The Democratic legislature hasn’t done that for a long time, and now many Republicans have joined them.

I’ll close by saying, make no mistake, these are unprecedented times that could destroy our country, and if they limit your past, they can control your future.

Until next week!