Politically Speaking – July 7, 2015

July 7, 2015

In the news:
• Iranian negotiations
• 2016 candidates
• Donald Trump admits he’s hurting his own brands
• Where is the red, white and blue?

The Iranian nuclear talks have been extended till July 7. It’s reported there’s been a tentative agreement on lifting the sanctions on Iran, but there’s a lot more on the table and a long way to go.
There are six countries involved in the talks, with Russia and China being the most critical and helpful. But make no mistake, this deal has a lot to do with Israel, whose government was very verbal three months ago, yet is saying little about the current negotiations.

So while we’re inching closer to hammering out some sort of deal, the following people had a lot to say:
Republican front runner Jeb Bush said, “Whatever happens, the next President is going to have a lot to deal with.”

Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton said, “Even if there’s a deal it won’t stop Iran’s aggressiveness,” as well as, “[Iran is] taking more and more control.” Let’s see what she has to say after the deal is done.
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, “Now they [referring to us and the five other countries involved in the negotiations] realize sanctions against my country have achieved none of their objectives.”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said, “Progress has been made but we’re not there yet.”
So with all that said, according to a recent poll, 64% of Americans don’t think any deal will stop Iran from having a nuclear weapon within ten years.  I agree with the American people.

On to last week’s news on the 2016 candidates.

New Jersey Republican Chris Christie threw his hat in the ring, bringing the number of declared Republicans to 14. As per Chris Christie, I believe he’s four years too late! In 2012 the Republicans begged him to jump in. He missed his opportunity.

On the Democrat side, former U.S. Senator from Virginia Jim Webb announced his candidacy. He has served as Secretary of the Navy, Assistant Secretary of  Defense, a congressional staffer and a combat Marine Corps officer. Mr. Webb could be the liberal Democrat alternative to Hillary Clinton and, according to CBS, could be a threat to Clinton.

Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont continues to draw surprisingly large crowds. Sen. Sanders, while running as a Democrat, is not a registered Democrat.

Donald Trump continues, in my opinion, to step on his own tongue. The property mogul also admits he’s hurting his own brands. He’s been fired by NASCAR, Macy’s, craft brewer 5 Rabbit Brewery, Serta, NBC and Univision, a giant Spanish-speaking network he’s suing for $500 million for dropping his beauty pageant.

In my opinion, Mr. Trump is short-lived even though in the early polls he’s coming up #2 just behind Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush said of Donald Trump and his comments about Mexican people, “He’s not stupid; he’s doing it to incite, inflame and call attention to himself.”

I was asked recently about Ted Cruz. I said it’s too early to say. However, I will say DON’T discount Sen. Cruz; he’s a sleeper. In the last three months he’s raised $14 million, bringing him a total of $51 million. When asked what to do about the problem of 11 million plus illegal immigrants he said, “First secure the border; then have a conversation about what to do next.”

Leaving you on this subject: There are 320 million Americans, and according to a recent Meet the Press poll, 45% consider themselves independents. And with those numbers, these people can absolutely shape the upcoming elections.

And last but not least, the colors red, white and blue were glaringly absent from the front of the White House on Saturday, July 4 and if the White House was lit up in celebration, shame on the media for not showing this administration’s patriotism! There is no greater celebration in this country than OUR INDEPENDENCE!

And each of us should appreciate that!