Politically Speaking – July 31, 2018

July 31, 2018

In all seriousness, what do I care more about? A tape from a worthless, unethical attorney, consisting of nothing illegal, about an alleged affair that President Trump had prior to becoming the President? Or Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails, some classified, that she destroyed, Benghzai, selling 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia? Or Bill Clinton’s affair with a 21-year-old, starry-eyed intern in the Oval Office? Wow!

But what’s in the major news? Who Trump slept with. Who cares! North Korea is dismantling nuclear weapons, the U.S. military veterans’ bodies are being returned home to their families from North Korea, the GDP is 4.1%, the unemployment rate is at its lowest. That’s news.

How can the Republican establishment and the Democrats condone the negative focus in today’s news? Is it all about Washington politics? Vote them out!

Then to top it off, there are some saying that Trump’s behavior is impeachable. Really? You simply can’t fix stupid!

But let’s move on to the tape, which Michael Cohen — Trump’s longtime attorney and friend — recorded without Trump’s knowledge, which happens to be reason to disbar Cohen.

My question is, how did the media get this said tape — with a discussion on how to pay this alleged participant in this alleged affair — from the FBI? Oh, it must have been a leak, and no one knows!

Some will say Donald Trump said it was okay to release it. Can you see an ethical FBI doing that, even if Trump okayed it?

So where will all this go? Well, there will be more tapes, more press, and more money spent. And in the end, nothing will happen. It just gives the Democrats something to use to sidestep what’s really happening and the positive issues being resolved.

But on to another hot story for CNN, ABC, CBS, and the rest of the corrupt media: It’s back to the Russian investigation. Now it’s being reported that Donald Trump, Jr. lied, that he did meet with the Russians, and that President Trump knew it. And who says so? Well, of course, the law attorney Michael Cohen. Yes, the one and only, Donald Trump’s former attorney. This alleged meeting was supposed to take place at the Trump Tower and then they went to a fundraiser together. President Trump wasn’t around.

So where does all this go? Again, nowhere. In the end, if the moment comes that the President does find out that his son met and went to a fundraiser with a Russian, so what!

But let’s look at (in my opinion) possible collusion, tampering and illegal activity. The fact is the attorney that is now handling Michael Cohen’s legal problems is none other than Lanny Davis, the very same attorney that was Bill and Hillary Clinton’s longtime personal friend, confidant, and attorney for over 30 years. He’s the same one that steered Bill Clinton through his antics with Monica Lewinski. He also served as special console to the White House, was a lobbyist, and was the spokesman for Clinton and White House matters concerning campaign finance investigations and other legal issues.

In other words, he was in bed (so to speak) with the Clintons. And I’m supposed to take anything to heart and believe it, where the Clintons are involved. Folks, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out!

The sad thing is people like U.S. Rep. Adam Shifty (Oh, I mean Adam Schiff), of course, a member of the Democratic Party in California, by pushing this new agenda of the Party is hanging the party out to dry.

I don’t see how the house of cards (Obama, the Clintons, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and others) can keep going. It’s time they start crumbling! But for years I’ve wondered how the Clintons are not behind bars. Oh, the webs they weave

Until next week.