Politically Speaking – July 30, 2019

July 30, 2019

Up first, the Mueller Show. If it had been a real TV show it would have been canceled right after the first episode… nothing but a poor performance for the main character and poor rating for lack of viewers. The producers, the House Democrats, are still crying in their beer. The national media even graded the day with an “F.” If you did watch part of it yourself, you saw the Republicans tear apart Mueller and the 440+ page book he personally didn’t write. “The book” was divided into Volume 1 — Russian Collusion and Volume 2 — 180 pages of rambling on possible obstructions of justice.
Republican congressmen Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, John Ratcliffe, Louie Gohmert and others drilled Mueller on “his” or someone’s report, page by page.

Jordan noted from the “book” that charges for lying were filed against everyone interviewed and connected to the President, but no charges were filed for lying three times to the Mueller Team by Christopher Steele, who released the original dossier that started this whole thing. Mueller claimed he didn’t know Glenn Simpson, co-founder of the research firm who created the dossier and Mueller appeared to not know of Simpson’s firm, Fusion GPS that created the dossier. Mueller claimed that investigating the origin of the dossier was not in his purview. Really?

Congressman Ratcliffe, the new nominee for director of national intelligence, pointed out that it was not in the special counselor’s purview to exonerate or not exonerate but to provide a report, because in our justice system forever is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

“The President is not above the law, but he’s also not below it.”
According to many Republicans, Attorney General William Barr is now pursuing those who created, released or lied about the infamous dossier.

Next up, the next series of Democratic debates. Let’s see how “equal time” is given to the minor candidates! Previous debates, although there was little debating, gave everyone the chance to present their policies. Lacking was “the how” their ideas could be enacted.

One of Bernie Sanders’ ideas is for the government to pay off all student debt ($1.6 trillion). When asked recently why he would pay off the debt of those who could afford it, he deflected the question and said that most student debt is from the struggling working class or those who simply can’t pay it themselves. Read this Sanders idea as “Can I buy your vote?”
Okay, so how about these giveaways from the other candidates:

1) Anyone who paid off their debt in the last 10 years will receive a full refund.

2) Everyone that travels mass transit daily, instead of driving a car, will be entitled to a $5,000 yearly government bonus, since they aren’t polluting the environment.

3) Perhaps the universities and colleges in the U.S. can forgive some of the debt and receive a government subsidy. Okay so I made these vote-getting propositions up.

Enough about buying votes, let’s move on to Trump’s Inflammatory Tweet of the Week! A President Trump outspoken nemesis, Elijah Cummings condemns Trump on a daily basis. This time the President shot back that Cummings, through his many years in Congress, could have and should have helped his home district (Baltimore area) improve.

Up next, the two year budget deal. $320 billion over budget caps. Did anybody mention the new budget deal worked out between Democrats and Republicans before they went on a six-week vacation? Sorry, they call it recess, and that fits because many times you would think a bunch of kids are running our government.

Their budget deal says they won’t spend more than $320 billion over their previous cap, and funding for what and how much is still to be decided. According to Karl Rove, expect at least 13 appropriations bills in the coming months as everyone tries to grab their share of the money. It should make for some good TV.

Until next week.