Politically Speaking – July 23, 2019

July 23, 2019

In the news:The “Mad Squad”

Mueller to testify

Opening Democratic Debates

Iran playing dangerous games

First up, AOC and company. They’re mad as #*@@ about almost everything and they really dream of changing the U.S.A. into the greatest socialist nation ever. Just ask them, but be careful so they don’t bite your head off. That’s why I call them “The Mad Squad.” (Insert your definition of “mad” here.) Angry, crazy, unhinged? And now, thanks to President Trump, and his inflaming comments about them “going home,” they’re once again at the top of the news with Trump. Let’s see, is this the 37th or 38th time in just the last year that Trump has controlled the news cycle with an inflaming comment?? Will the national news media ever learn?

On to the Mueller Show. Democratic leaders like Jerry Nadler are saying they might have Mueller read aloud an excerpt of his 400 plus page report and then explain it to them. Sounds to me like College Professor Mueller 101 teaching a class. You see, Congress had to come up with a plan to keep the Mueller Report on life support, since Mueller after his previous testimony said, “The report is my testimony and I have nothing further to add!” Let’s see this week what Mueller has to say or read.

And before July will be over, there will be two more Democratic debates. The first night features Biden, Harris, and Warren, with both women currently gaining ground on Poor Joe. And also newsworthy, it happens the Democrats are trying to whittle down the huge field, because only eight candidates are currently qualified for the third series of debates.

On the world stage, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard boarded and detained a British tanker with oil, headed to Saudi Arabia, supposedly over who’s water the ship was in.

The real story is that this happened immediately after an Iranian tanker, which was earlier detained with help from the Brits in the Strait of Gibraltar, was ordered to be held for 30 more days. The Iranian tanker supposedly was being held because they were delivering oil to Syria. Tit for tat??

And we thought this was all Trump’s fault, because that’s what the American media fed us! Sometimes you have to go to BBC to get real world news.

What is obvious is because of harder sanctions, the U.S. and Iran will be talking soon.

Until next week.