Politically Speaking – July 17, 2019

July 17, 2019

by Cathy Stuehmeier-

It seems that the Democratic Presidential candidates are split into thirds.
1) There’s the Joe Biden side, some calling for less change and getting some things done, attracting Democratic conservatives and moderates.
2) Then there’s the Elizabeth Warren side, calling for larger scale policies and taking chances, attracting some extreme left liberals.
3) Then there’s Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution, calling for all to join him in his fight to change America to socialism.
But all have one problem, that being Donald J. Trump! The four top Democrats to date in the running are Biden, Warren, Sanders and Kamala Harris.

I have to admit, the more I get to know the new Democratic Party the less I like them. Please note I said new. My biggest issue, among others, is the cry for socialism and a socialist agenda, and what it would turn this country into.

However, along with socialism, in my opinion, I believe illegal immigration will be another large concern in the 2020 elections, as it stands today. I realize a lot can happen before Nov. 3, 2020!

And with that said, let’s move on to the “ICE raids” (as some would say) that started last Sunday in 12 cities across the country. In my opinion, these aren’t raids. It’s called enforcing the law, targeting those individuals that have been ordered to leave the U.S. but refuse to go.

Let me remind all that this same enforcement action took place under Barack Obama in 2012, minus, of course, the outcry from the bleeding hearts!

And to top all this off, there’s the outcry for those held in detainment centers which I addressed in last week’s column. The biggest issue, again, is the great influx of illegals crossing our borders.

Sunday morning on Meet the Press they showed pictures of one particular detainment center that’s been questioned. The pictures showed all men, no women or kids. It was also pointed out they got three hot meals a day from local restaurants. There were shower facilities available as well as more added, and their personal needs were being met. The biggest complaint by some detainees was they had been detained too long.

Yet there are those still calling foul. But what they don’t tell you is we are still in a catch and release mode.

In recent polls, I will say they show most Americans want a system that’s fair and legal. The key word is legal.

On to the Robert Mueller hearing scheduled for this week. It has been postponed until July 24, just more waste of time and money. So another hearing and then Congress leaves for a six-week summer vacation. (Oops, I mean recess so they can work on their re-election campaigns.)

In my opinion, let them rip. It’s just another wonderful opportunity for Congress to humiliate themselves again! You gotta love it!

On to another sports hero — in some eyes, not mine — Co-Captain of the U.S. National Soccer Team Megan Rapinoe, who took a knee to the National Anthem and showed total disrespect for our flag, on the field.

This behavior will never be acceptable to me. There’s a time, place, and a way to protest. And while representing the U.S. on a U.S. team is not the right time, place, and way.

I will note that during her un-American display, as the U.S. Flag hit the ground while the world was watching, one of her team members rescued it! She was the real hero!

In closing this week, most of us are aware of and outraged by the decision of Illinois Governor Pritzker’s Administration to cancel the performance of the popular group Confederate Railroad at the DuQuoin State Fair because of their name. But, to make matters worse, Snoop Dogg has been booked to play at the Springfield State Fair. The same jerk that is shown on his 2017 album cover (which was pulled) with a body on a slab covered by the American flag. The body is identified by a toe tag as President Donald J. Trump. The album, “Make America Crip Again,” refers to gang violence, as do many of his albums. Needless to say, John and I won’t be attending either fair this year. This is way beyond acceptable.

Gov. Pritzker responded to the backlash by saying the State is concerned about confederate imagery. As per Snoop Dogg and why he’s still performing at the State Fair in Springfield, JB said, “There’s an enormous difference between political satire and the discussion by a single artist and his political views.” Really?

The good news, Confederate Railroad will play Thursday, September 5, 2019 at Black Diamond Harley Davidson in Marion. More on that later.

Until next week.