Politically Speaking January 9, 2019

January 7, 2019

The latest jobs report: Over 300,000 new jobs. It was better than expected, which immediately sent the stock market up 700 points. What say you now?

I find it interesting that when those that don’t like Trump are asked why, most address his personality and not his performance. And I get that! There are times I have to sit back and say to myself did he really just say that? And the answer is yes!

However, there are many times the liberal media takes what he says out of context to make him look bad. Morning Joe of MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CNN and the rest of the liberal media wouldn’t know the truth if it looked them in the eye. They rarely report on the positive things that this President does.

The reality is what Donald Trump said he would do is what he is doing, and the country is better off in every area except the division, and that wasn’t caused by Trump.

But while speaking of the divide, where do we stand on the government shutdown? Last Friday the President warned that the partial shutdown could go on for months or even years. While both sides have their heels dug in, I’d say it’s possible.

The sad part is both sides are being hurt. Without the wall, crime continues to climb, people are being murdered by illegal immigrants, more drugs are coming in, our economy is being affected, and that’s just a start. But on the flip side, there are 800,000 federal employees who have been furloughed or are working without pay. However, many government workers support the shutdown and say the safety net is going to be having a border that will keep Americans safer.

So in my opinion, the wall is a no brainer. Build the wall. With that said, all this is — again — is get Trump!

Keep in mind at this point the Democrats want billions in foreign aid but won’t give us $5 billion to help protect us. It’s time to put Americans first.
A final thought on this subject: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” — President Ronald Regan

Moving on to the state of Illinois, Rep. John Cavaletto announced on Dec. 28, 2018 that there are 253 new laws taking effect on January 1, 2019. If you would like to know more about these new laws you can go to www.ilga.gov. Some of the new laws that may be of interest are listed below.

Firearm Restraining Order Act (Public Act 100-607, House Bill 2354):
The Firearm Restraining Order Act allows for family members or law enforcement to petition the court for an order prohibiting possession of firearms by an individual if they pose a significant danger of causing personal injury to themselves or others by possessing a firearm. The order may be issued on an emergency ex parte basis or for six months. The Court is required to make specific findings before issuing the order.

Youth IDNR licenses combined (Public Act 100-638, House Bill 4783):
Youth hunting and trapping licenses are combined under this new law. It provides that a Youth Hunting and Trapping License entitles the licensee to hunt or trap while supervised by an adult who is 21 years of age or older and has a valid Illinois hunting or trapping license.
Rear-facing child seat (Public Act 100-672, House Bill 4377):
Children under age two must be secured in an approved rear-facing child seat (instead of a forward-facing car seat) while riding in a vehicle.

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I’ll take this opportunity to thank Rep. John and Connie Cavaletto for their service and say we will miss you.

Until next week.

Happy New Year!