Politically Speaking – January 29, 2019

January 29, 2019

A temporary truce on the wall, after 35 days? What does that mean? Talks and no wall for at least three weeks! Why did he end the shutdown temporarily? Because he cares, which is more than I can say about the leader of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi. This President, in every meeting, tried to negotiate. What was accomplished? Nothing, it’s status quo. That’s not what the American people want!

The Democrats have already voted in the past for some kind of barrier. But now, because it’s Trump, they won’t. It’s a shame, because this is an opportunity to solve a national emergency, that being illegal immigrants. We’ll see what happens in the next three weeks. If the Democrats don’t talk, I never underestimate President Trump.

But to assure we won’t have another shutdown, pass a bill that if the federal workers aren’t paid, Congress isn’t paid. I think then they all will be willing to solve any problem by working together. Don’t be shocked if Trump calls a national emergency and builds the wall! This was just round 1.

Up next, the Roger Stone indictment. Stone was arrested at 5 a.m. in the morning late last week by the FBI in a _ show when 29 plus agents in riot gear showed up at his front door. He was indicted by a federal grand jury a day earlier on charges of obstruction, making false statements, and witness tampering, as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s wide-ranging Russian collusion (witch hunt) probe. What should have happened is the FBI should have notified Stone’s attorney to show up in federal court with his client.
This all goes back to the FBI’s interest in getting information on the real target, and that’s Donald J. Trump. At this point, Mueller has come up empty handed. Any evidence of illegal conspiracy between the Trump campaign — certainly not Trump himself — and the Russians doesn’t exist as yet! Sadly, in my opinion, Mueller is conducting a one-sided investigation, looking only for evidence of guilt using Clinton’s and Obama’s FBI.

However, Roger Stone at 66 is pretty tough and is no Michael Cohen. Hopefully he will ignore the FBI’s intimidation tactics, threats and torture of isolation and solitary confinement to get false information. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the FBI has become the criminal instead of the crime fighter.
On to the liberal media’s spin on the Covington affair when the truth wasn’t reported, again! A group of adults called Catholic high school students horrible names. (Some of these students wore “Make America Great Again” caps.) So what does the media show? A native American beating on a drum as part of a protest in Washington where these students were visiting as part of a March for Life. The media showed nothing more than smirking students, nothing further from the truth! The students were verbally attacked and the protester was nothing more than a trouble maker with a not so perfect background.

Why did the media focus on kids in MAGA hats instead of the racist supremacist group who harassed the Catholic students or the professional Native American protester? The real news is a grown adult man bullying children! This should tell everyone a lot about the liberal media.

And last, but in my eyes the most important and the most heartbreaking: At a time when my family is celebrating the upcoming birth of a precious sweet baby girl, the nation should be grieving over New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Democrats as they celebrate their state’s new abortion law. Cuomo cast aside his supposed religious faith and signed into law a new abortion law that creates sanctioning elective abortion up to the minute of birth.

This fallen son looks less like Saul and more like Judas — selling the innocent to save his political soul. This man is so sinister that on the evening that he signed the late term abortion bill, on the site where the twin towers stood, One World Trade Center was lit up in pink at his request to celebrate the occasion.

Leaving you this week with this thought: “Listen to me, you islands; hear this, you distant nations: Before I was born the LORD called me; from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.” — Isaiah 49:1 NIV

This evil vs. good, wrong vs. right, and black vs. white is truly evil at work. Beware, the state of Illinois could be next. These are truly dark days in America.

Until next week.