Politically Speaking – January 28, 2020

January 28, 2020

Oh, what a week it’s been! Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the House managers ( the prosecution for the impeachment trial) made their case for the two Articles of Impeachment, Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress and removal of President Trump from office. Actually, I think every president in our history has probably done those two things while in office, except probably President William Henry Harrison, who died after serving just 31 days in office.

But, back to the current Senate trial. The prosecution’s complete three days of trial were carried live by only two stations, CNN and MSNBC. During day 1, other stations decided their ratings, shows and numbers were more important than continuous coverage. Boy, were they smart! The three days of presentations by the House managers were kind of boring and repetitious, especially for anyone who watched the House impeachment hearings. Three days of Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and company making their case with inaccuracies, name calling, House witness videos and topics that weren’t germane to the trial. But, come on, they were probably star struck just for speaking in the Senate chambers. You know, many of them someday want to end up in the Big House, meaning the Senate, not prison. Although, some might get jail time for lying under oath.

They just couldn’t come up with 22 hours of talking points, so they just in day 2 and 3, repeated (they call it emphasize!) their reasons (they call them facts or conclusions) for removing the duly elected President. Their video snippet presentations should have been easy for them to present. After all, it was the video clips that the lame stream media used during the hearings. You know, the video segments from the 19 witnesses testimony that favored impeachment, without the “in my opinion,” “I concluded,” “This is my conclusion” etc. at the beginning of their testimony. Pretty shifty, Adam Schiff!

And then they appeal for fairness in the Senate trial and that the Senate surely wants to know ALL the facts and they (the Senate) should call more witnesses. They implied that would make the Senate trial as fair as the House impeachment hearings were.

This calling of witnesses comment drew the ire of Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski. To paraphrase the Senator, how dare you (the House), who didn’t want to slow things down when it was in the House and rushed it through and now you want us, the Senate to call witnesses and go through witness hearings for months!

The House managers concluded their case against The President last Thursday night and then Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. the defense team (the “A” Team) of President Trump began their defense.

The “A” Team began with the fact that they were only to present for two or three hours and then continue on Monday at 1:00 p.m.

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone spoke first followed by White House Deputy Counsel Mike Purpura, President Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow, and Deputy Counsel to the President Pat Philbin. Cipollone said, “When you hear the facts, you will see the President did nothing wrong. The House managers in their almost 24 hours of evidence could not find the time to give you all the facts; all the pertinent and complete information they had. That was very, very wrong. They are asking you, the Senate, to overturn the results of the 2016 national election of the President, to tear up the ballots of that election by the people, and to remove President Trump from the upcoming, in nine months, Presidential election. They are asking you to do something no Senate has ever done. And yet, in their almost 24 hours of presentation, failed to tell or show you the consequences of this action for today, tomorrow and forever.

“We will prove that the two Articles of Impeachment are not valid, that the President did nothing wrong. That the prosecution’s presentation purposely omitted valuable information, especially in the House witness video testimony, the President’s transcripted call to Ukraine and their personal comments during the presentation.”

The “A” Team attorneys over just two hours on Saturday laid out that by reading the transcript in its entirety there was not a quid pro quo; that all House witnesses said there was not a factual quid pro quo; that President Zelensky agreed there was never any pressure from the President; that, unlike what the prosecution said, President Trump had a history of withholding aid to other countries for various reasons including corruption in these countries; that the President and our country since 2017 would have an interest in pursuing corruption in Ukraine; that the pause in monetary assistance did not affect the Javelin (anti-tank) missiles; that the President did not defy or obstruct Congress by his actions; and that possibly the entire House impeachment was invalid. All this and more in just two hours. I think the White House had very efficient, effective lawyers!

Until next week.