Politically Speaking January-15-2020

January 15, 2020

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution amending and limiting the War Powers Act. Obviously, this resolution was brought to the floor by those who felt President Trump overstepped his authority in taking out Qasem Soleimani.
During the resolution debate, Florida Representative Brian Mast stepped to the podium for his brief two-minute speech. He delivered what I consider an incredibly logical and passionate speech that all Americans and others should read or hear. He said:

“Make no mistake, Madam Speaker, this resolution is about the killing of Soleimani. He was a terrorist, no different than al-Baghdadi, Za Cary, Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. No different than ISIS or Al-Qaeda. And he was responsible for the deaths of our men and women, and I know most in here haven’t seen or smelled or touched that kind of death, but let me tell you about it. They were burned alive inside of their Humvees. Their lungs were scorched by the flames of the explosions. The vehicle fragments were blown into their skulls. Some of them were paralyzed. Some of them had their arms blown off. Some had their legs blown off. Some will never see again. Some will never be recognized again by those who knew them previously. Each and every one of them, they were the credible explanation for deleting this terrorist target from our world. And no doubt, it is dangerous to take out a terrorist target. But a coward is somebody who lacks the courage to endure danger. And this is the fundamental difference in voting yes or no here. If you vote no, you understand that we would be justified to kill 100 Soleimanis for just one of our heroes that have been killed by him. And the danger would be worth it. For those who vote yes, they see that he’s killed hundreds of our service members but can still not find the justification to kill him, because unlike our fallen heroes, they lack the courage to endure danger. I yield back.”

Only someone like Brian Mast, a veteran who served in Afghanistan and lost both of his legs in a roadside bomb incident, could deliver such a passionate speech about courage.
Another congressman and former Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw has been very vocal in this past week over the hypocrisy and politicizing of many, including the media. He claims that they know they’re passing false or misleading information but will not allow President Trump to be right in any action he takes. Examples include Elizabeth Warren claiming that targeting Soleimani had little to do with national security, but rather served to distract from the upcoming Senate impeachment. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Representative Tulsi Gabbard and others were trying to lay joint blame on President Trump for the downing of the jetliner by Iran. News anchors were showing huge Iranian crowds and leading us to believe that all Iranians have miraculously come together to mourn Soleimani’s death. And then Chris Matthews of CNN compared their crowds similar to that for Princess Diana or Elvis. And the examples go on and on.
On a final note, after three days of denial, last Saturday Iran admitted to accidentally shooting down the Ukrainian jetliner. Supposedly, the Iranian airports were ordered to be shut down during their missile firing into Iraq, but the order was not received at the Tehran Airport. Does this sound like there could be more to this story?
Until next week.