Politically Speaking – January 15, 2019

January 15, 2019

When will it end? Who knows. But Trump did say he could declare a state of emergency and build the wall. I say do it.

So as 800,000 workers are affected by the shutdown, and while the Senate adjourned on Thursday, can the Democrats and the President sit down? The President has said many times he’s willing; it’s the Democrats that say no, no way! So whose fault is this shutdown? In my opinion, it’s certainly not the President’s.

It’s a matter of fact during the meeting in the oval office with Schumer and Pelosi they said you can’t do this! I dare you. It won’t get past the House. Let’s face it, the Democrats hate Trump.

So the bottom line is Trump is willing to negotiate; the Democrats are not. It’s time to give the President something.
At this point it appears the Democrats aren’t willing to do anything for border security.

In my opinion, this is a no brainer. There is not one — not one sane reason not to build a wall on the southern border.

The reality is there are many Democrats in favor of this wall who are disgusted with their own party as well.

According to Trump, there have been 63,000 Americans killed at the hands of illegal immigrants since 9-11. I’ve tried to verify that number and can’t find any quoted by any federal agency. I question why not!

However, in August of 2018, then State Rep. Geoff Diehl (R-MA) said over 7,000 Americans each year are killed by undocumented immigrants.
On to the newest Mueller attempt! The New York Times has suggested in a recent story that the firing of Comey was a way to stop the investigation of the connection between Trump and the Russians.

The conspiracy theorists have gone so far as to suggest that Trump is guilty of collusion again (obstruction of justice) and spying. Let’s see, Mueller has found nothing after two years, so let’s try a new theory.

The fact is you can not subpoena a sitting president, so if they can’t get him one way, they’ll try to get him another way. So the craziness goes on.
Chuck Todd on Sunday suggested Trump’s government shutdown was to take the attention off the Russian conspiracy. This whole thing can’t get crazier. The final big question from the Democrats is this: Is Trump unwittingly or wittingly working with the Russians?

At times I believe Trump is the only thing standing between the American people and socialism.

The FBI’s function is supposedly to turn suspicion into fact. So far that’s not happened. If the FBI has so much time on their hands, possibly they need to investigate the Clintons. That’s an easy case.

But the bombshell of the week was the question by the FBI: Was President Trump working for the Russians in 2017? The whole climate is bordering on outrageous!