Politically Speaking – February 4, 2020

February 4, 2020

First up: The review of last week’s impeachment proceeding. Day 2, Monday, Jan. 27 and Day 3, Tuesday Jan. 28 were the continuing arguments from the President’s defense team. As I said last week, the “A” Team was very impressive and efficient in their Day 1, Saturday, Jan. 25 arguments. They covered and refuted many arguments in their two hours on Saturday. Day 2 and Day 3 were spent expanding and supporting their case, citing constitutional law and refuting the claims and summations of the House Managers (the “B” Team).

Then came Wednesday, Jan. 29 and Thursday, Jan. 30 for questions from the 100 Senators. These questions, over 180 in the two days, were ceremoniously presented to the presiding officer, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, to read. Each written Senator’s question also included whether it should be answered by the House Managers, the Defense Team or both. Nothing really new here. The majority of questions from both sides of the aisle were kind of “gotcha” questions, attempting to publicly highlight the answer they wanted.

The two days were probably a waste of time, but obviously this was the first time the Senators got to “speak” on the floor, even if it was written questions.

Can you imagine a U.S. Senator not getting to talk on the Senate floor for over a week? Hmm. Might be something they want to try in the future and see if they can get more done.

But the biggest surprise of the two days of questioning was what happened when the final question was given to the House Managers. Head House Manager Adam Schiff rose from his seat to answer as Jerry Nadler, a House Manager and House Judiciary Committee Chairman, sprang forward and rushed past Schiff to the podium and delivered very poorly their final answer. Someone told me the proceedings make them laugh and cry. When Nadler did his stunt, I laughed out loud.

Then came Big Game Friday (prior to the Big Game Sunday). I wonder which TV rating will be better? Ha! Ha! On Friday, after hours and hours of discussion, the vote to allow Senate witnesses happened and was defeated 49–51. So there will be no Senate witnesses. But remember, there were 17 or 18 ( I lost count) witnesses who already had given their testimony in the House which lead to impeachment, and on which the House Managers made their case.

And the argument that the Clinton Senate impeachment had witnesses “holds no water.” All three, yes just three, were friends of President Clinton. Number 1: Monica Lewinsky, who was given immunity to testify. Number 2: Vernon Jordan, longtime friend of Clinton, who testified he got Monica a job after her internship at the White House. Number 3: Sidney Blumenthal, an aide to Clinton, who has remained with Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to this day. That’s the kind of witnesses the Senate called. No Chief of State, no Secretary of State, no National Security Advisors, etc. Nobody to ask for Executive Privilege. Bet you didn’t hear abut these witnesses from the lame stream media.

So now, Monday, Feb. 3 will be the closing arguments by the “A” Team and “B” Team. The vote to acquit or remove is planned to be Wednesday ?? or maybe before if crafty Mitch McConnell wants to wrap up early?

On to other news: The Iowa caucuses and the 2020 election have literally taken a back seat to the impeachment process. Many candidates were forced to be in Washington rather than in Iowa campaigning. Was this 2020 election interference and who do we impeach? One thing is for sure: There is no number one front runner in Iowa. Everyone is bunched together, and with the Iowa form of primary, if your candidate doesn’t get 15% of the vote in the first round, you just choose your second choice and everyone votes again. I guess it’s possible for the second best man or woman to win Iowa. And then it’s on to New Hampshire, Sanders and Warren country. This Friday, Feb. 7 is the next Democratic Debate, the eighth, and will be in Manchester, New Hampshire. Then the next debates are in South Carolina and Nevada, and Michael Bloomberg might be included in all the rest, starting with these two.

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) has just eliminated the individual donor threshold. There you go again, it’s the DNC changing the rules to help who they want. Does this sound familiar? Ask Bernie Sanders about 2016 and Hillary. And of course, it can’t be election interference, or can it?

And for a final thought: Because of our press deadlines, the Tuesday, Feb. 4 State of the Union has already happened. I’m sure President Trump will get his “digs in.” I hope he spends most of his time, laying out his accomplishments that have transformed the United States in the last three years. Our economy, our military, our foreign policy and more.

And I hope no Senator or Congressman during his speech shouts out, “He Lies!” That display during the State of the Union held in the Senate was not fitting against Barack Obama and is not fitting now or ever. Except for applause and standing, maybe the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court taught them something about “making nice” during the impeachment.