Politically Speaking – February 25, 2020

February 25, 2020

Wow! If you didn’t watch last Wednesday’s Democratic Party debate let me say you missed nothing! Believe me, I was in the greatest company Wednesday evening enjoying our wonderful friends and intentionally skipping the Democratic food fight. When I got home, however, I did watch the recap and continue to do my own research.

My final conclusion was Wednesday evening in Las Vegas was fight night. There were six contenders in the ring: Senator Bernard “Bernie Slo Mo” Sanders; former mayor of South Bend, Indiana “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg; former Vice President “Joe Joe” Biden; Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Senator Amy “Minnesota” Klobuchar; and former New York City Mayor Mike “Bloom Bloom” Bloomberg, a Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat again, and somewhere in between he was an Independent.

Former Mayor Bloomberg took forty-five (blows to the head) attacks from the other five candidates, leaving “Bloom Bloom” done early and unprepared to spar well with any of the five. Although I do have to point out “Bloom Bloom” did have one brief punch, his only shining moment, when he in turn attacked “Bernie Slo Mo.” “Bloom Bloom” jabbed back that “Bernie also is a millionaire socialist with three homes. What am I missing here?” I don’t mind telling all of you that good old rich socialist “Bernie Slo Mo,” a man of the people, didn’t take Bloomberg’s attack well. He almost cried.

In reality last Wednesday night’s Slamma Jamma pointed out that the Democratic presidential candidates’ war-cry is nothing more than “Beat Trump!” Their focus is getting Democratic control regardless of what might be best for you.

A final thought on the fight night debate: All six Democrats lost except maybe “Joe Joe” Biden because nobody seriously went after him this time. Is “Joe Joe” holding back for a big punch on Super Tuesday, March 3? And of course, President Trump was the big winner of Fight Night.
The big question for me is, “who can beat Trump?” In my opinion, not one of these six. They don’t appear to have enough sense to come in from the rain.

The one early candidate that might have come close to beating Trump was Tulsi Gabbard. She seemed to have some common sense, and her service and knowledge of foreign policy was impressive. She didn’t have a problem with confrontation, including Hillary. But with Hillary, the DNC and the media, that fix was in. No shining star for her.

But according to most polls, who was and is the front runner — drum roll please — none other than Bernard “Bernie” Sanders. That speaks loud and clear of the NOW Democratic party. Not my father’s Democratic Party. Not the Democratic Party of 10 years ago. Wow! It leaves me to say it appears that some have miserably failed us in our public school system. Teaching free thought and idealism is wonderful; teaching one-sided ideas isn’t. Teaching other forms of government is educational; not fully teaching the ideas of our founding fathers, the Constitution and the history and greatest of our Republic isn’t.

Distrust of government and utopian ideas have always been a character trait of our youth. Professor “Bernie” Sanders, the Pied Piper, has always known this. And his revolution is growing, blindly following. But I’m sure Hillary, the DNC, and the media have other ideas.

And now the Nevada caucuses are over. At least in Nevada the voting apps worked. Bernie was the big winner with about 47% of the voters in the caucuses. Next comes Biden with 19% and Buttigieg with 15%. And it’s on to South Carolina, followed in a week by Super Tuesday on March 3. That will tell us if Bernie and Joe are for real throughout the country and will tell us what the DNC has in mind next.

On to Trump news! President Trump commuted the 14-year sentence of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich after serving eight years for crimes that occurred after possibly attempting to sell Obama’s Illinois senate seat. I have a few theories on Trump’s decision, but hopefully Blagojevich will sing like a canary. Look out Democratic Party.

And a final thought: Possibly a new column on corrupt and stupid Illinois politics. The title: As the Stomach Turns.

If you keep voting the same way, you’ll keep getting the same thing.

Until next week.