Politically Speaking – February 18, 2020

February 18, 2020

The final results of the Democrats from the New Hampshire Primary held February 11 were as follows: Bernie Sanders, 9 delegates, 25.7%; Pete Buttigieg, 9 delegates, 24.4%; Amy Klobuchar, 6 delegates, 19.8%; Elizabeth Warren, 0 delegates, 9.2%; Joe Biden, 0 delegates, 8.4%.

The final results of the Republicans from the New Hampshire Primary held January 11 were as follows: Donald Trump, 22, 85.6%; Bill Weld, 0, 9.1%; Mary Maxwell, 0, 0.6%; Joe Walsh, 0, 0.5%.

It’s really nothing too shocking on either side. Probably the most disappointing is how Bernie Sanders landed on top. My question is, why would any thinking adult vote for him? The only thing I can surmise is they haven’t researched the 78-year-old socialist at all.

But, in spite of his background, Sanders won even though he lost the delegate battle in Iowa to Mayor Pete. He has climbed to the top while Joe Biden has dropped big time and continues to fade fast in this muddled Democratic race.

In addition Bernie has raised more money and has more money than any of his rivals, who are not billionaires, Bloomberg being the exception. I find this interesting for a man that seems to hate those that have been successful and have earned their millions or billions. It’s just the opposite of who Bernie is, which leads me to say he’s a hypocrite as well as an extremely dangerous man because of his belief in socialism. Check out Venezuela.

So with all that said, let’s take a look at who Bernie Sanders really is.

Number one, he’s not, I repeat, not a Democrat. I believe that’s why the Democratic establishment will mobilize against Sanders out of fear of his revolutionary brand of socialism and his talk of civil war. Rest assured he is an extreme leftist and not a liberal. I believe, because of a friend who is very knowledgeable and has pointed out and made a good case, that a liberal and extreme leftist are not one and the same. Most liberals don’t agree with these tactics. The extremists are like Sanders, a threat to our nation.

But looking at Bernie, Senator Bernard Sanders. He lived off of welfare before he was elected. Nothing wrong with that for those that need it. Bernie just didn’t work. According to my research he never held a nine-to-five job, although he did do short stints part-time. He never proposed a single bill — not one — that passed.

This is his second run for President and he spent at least 39 years holding political office. His first unsuccessful run for mayor was around 1968, 52 years ago, at 26 years old. Yet he says he can fix healthcare, which if he gets a chance, by the time he’s done all you’ll get is a long line or waiting list for care with some worthless healthcare providers. The good ones won’t put up with him.

Let me point out good health care providers, especially doctors and nurses, are priceless and are having to deal with too much government bureaucracy right now when all they want to do is care for their patients.

So looking at Bernie’s history and what he stands for, I would say he succeeded at nothing other than living off the backs of others and government, a perfect socialist among other things.

The next point: As he condemns those that have money, Senator Sanders’ net worth has made him part of the 1% he’s so against; he’s now estimated to be worth as much as $2.5 million according to Forbes. So in spite of his attacks and war against the top 1%, he’s one of them. He also has two homes in Vermont and a townhouse in Washington, which don’t come cheap.

The next caucus is in Nevada on February 22 and the South Carolina Primary is February 29. I’ll be watching. Will you?

Until next week.