Politically Speaking – February 11, 2020

February 11, 2020

What a week, what a week, what a week! All in all, it was a great week for President Trump.
• Monday: Iowa caucuses.
• Tuesday: State of the Union
• Wednesday: Senate vote
On Monday Iowa voters lined up by standing in groups, raising their arms to be counted for their chosen candidate. In the college cities Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had the most impressive areas.

And while all this was going on the ACLU was protesting that felons couldn’t vote. In reality, most of these left-wing crazies are simply looking for votes to beat Donald J. Trump. That’s all they care about. Sorry folks, not going to happen.

However, in Iowa health care seem to be the biggest concern of these Democratic voters. Early entrance polls showed Joe Biden was the favorite at 34%, but that shifted and 51% of the voters 18 to 29 years old said they were voting for Bernie. Scares me! Do they have a clue what socialism is.

Yet on one of the first counts Bernie came in at 42%, a strong showing, as I predicted. Warren came in at 30%, then came Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and so on.

At some point NBC entrance polls showed the following numbers.
17-29 age group: 48% Sanders, 17% Buttegieg, 12% Warren, 3% Biden.
65+ age group: 5% Sanders, 22% Buttigieg, 13% Warren, 34% Biden.
Looks like the majority of the young people are drinking Bernie’s Kool-Aid.
At the end of Monday evening drum roll, please. Nothing, no results, a total flop! Whoops. What happened? The app went down. But not to worry, they all claimed to win. A perfect evening for Bernie, and everyone gets a little trophy.

Heck, if you ask me, the Russians did it. Where is Mueller when you need him?

The final results came four or five days later. Gosh, who knows? The last I heard it was a neck-to-neck split between Buttigieg and Sanders.

Next up, Tuesday’s State of the Union Address. It was a very big night, in my opinion, for our President, Donald Trump. He made his third State of the Union Address on the day before the expected trial vote, and on the very day this President had his highest approval rating ever. As he entered Congress, members were chanting, “Four more years, four more years, four more years.” Poor Nancy! As he entered, I thought she might jump up and choke him.

As he addressed Congress, he began by saying the state of the union is stronger than ever before, pointing out how far we have come in the last three years. He noted unemployment is lower than ever in the past half a century, among other great accomplishments, as the Democrats demonstrated unprofessional and despicable behavior. He went on to point out African-American and Hispanic unemployment had reached an all-time low in American history.

And, of course, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi didn’t clap, not one time. Sadly, she seemed to be talking to herself. As I watched this deplorable woman sit through everything from comments on Rush Limbaugh’s illness to early funding for premature babies, she looked uncommitted to anything other than hate and the destruction of our President.

Frankly, I found this to be one of the best State of the Union addresses I’ve ever heard.

And then came the moment when a deranged woman, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, stood behind the President of the United States tearing up the historical State of the Union speech the President had just given. What an awful moment for those of us that love our country, to witness this act committed by a woman filled with so much rage. I really don’t have the words for that behavior and less to say about the Democrats that are making excuses for this behavior.

So, why did Nancy Pelosi rip up the State of the Union speech? I think it could have gone something like this.

AOC (rushing into Pelosi’s office): “Nancy, Nancy, oops, I mean Madame Speaker. I’ve got another idea for you. Don’t let Trump control everything on TV at the State of the Union.

“First do a short opening, not like the normal flowery introduction of Trump. Just say ‘The President of the United States’ and nothing more.

“Second, and this is good, when he hands you your copy of the speech, take it in your right hand and then your left hand, and this is important, then extend your hand just slightly while he’s turning around to the podium. He won’t see your hand. Then kind of roll your eyes and shrug your shoulders. The media will love this.

“And lastly, and this is great, after the speech when the cameras are still on the stage and you, very deliberately rip the speech in half, showing your defiance of Trump. The media will eat it up. You’ll be all over the news tomorrow.”

Pelosi thinking it over: “Okay, sounds great. And thanks for the great idea.”

Later, AOC to Talib: “What an idiot. She’s going to do it. We should be in power by next year.”

And finally, on Wednesday came the Senate vote during the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. This was the final result of the trumped-up charges to unseat the President of the United States. It would have taken 67 guilty votes to impeach.

On Article 1, Abuse of Power, the final vote was 52 not guilty to 48 guilty. Trump was exonerated.

On Article 2, Obstruction of Congress, the final vote was 53 not guilty to 47 guilty.

On Article 1, Senator Mitt Romney voted with the Democrats. Romney is now the first senator in history to vote to impeach the President of his own Party.

Then, to end this column, this week as of Friday, Iowa has declared no winner in the Iowa caucuses. It’s a tie between Buttigieg and Sanders. Amazing, the Democrats can’t even run a caucus yet they want to run the country.

To top the week off, on Thursday morning Trump took a victory lap, waving a newspaper with headlines saying “ACQUITTED” before the National Prayer Breakfast.

And yes, the 9th Democratic Debate was Friday evening. It isn’t worth talking about.

Until next week.