Politically Speaking – August 25, 2020

August 25, 2020

“The End of Darkness begins here tonight.” No, that isn’t a quote from one of the Star Wars movies, It came from Joe Biden’s acceptance speech last week. Obviously, it was the last day of the four-day Democratic National Committee’s virtual convention. Four days of spewing gloom and doom for our nation and hatred and insults of the current President and his “do nothing good” administration. It could all be fixed and changed if you would elect the Democratic ticket. From the pandemic to the economic collapse to racial injustice and climate change. It would all “be taken care of” by them being in charge of all government.

I think it sounds a little like socialism and far left thinking, but I could be wrong. I’m not sure what Democratic platform was passed at their convention? Do you know?

I do know they have a “Do and Don’t” list for the campaign.

Do – Bash Trump every chance you get.
Do – Tell stories about your childhood or children you have helped.
Do – Remind everyone that Obama got us out of “The Great Recession.”
Don’t – Mention anything about Trump’s first three successful years, unless it’s negative.
Don’t – Promise success. Say it will be better than it is now.
Don’t – Elaborate on Medicare For All, The Green New Deal, Defunding Police, etc.
Don’t – Talk about international policy.
Don’t – Say the word “Iran.”
Don’t – Say the two words that AOC did, “people’s movement.”

Hmm, a lot more don’ts than dos. Could that be a new government strategy?

It’s obvious from the convention and speakers that the Democratic Party has taken a hard left. And Joe Biden seems to have turned with them. It’s a long, long way from what his governing philosophy used to be. I love this cartoon’s double meaning. He’s now awake and has become “woke.” I keep gong back to his speech when he talked about his father, who evidently was a very hard worker as most people were in the era when Joe was a boy. The one line that stuck with me was the advice Joe said his father gave him,

“Don’t expect the government to solve your problems.”

Joe, you’ve come a long way since then, philosophically. Maybe you forgot your dad’s great advice.

A final thought: I’ve never agreed with Michelle Obama. However, that changed when she made the statement at the DNC Convention when she said vote like your life depends on it. I couldn’t agree more!! Wake up before it’s too late.

Until next week.