Politically Speaking – April 25, 2018

April 24, 2018
In the news:
• North Korea will stop missile testing and shut down nuclear test sites
• DRN sues
• James Comey…be careful what you ask for
The big news of the week is the notorious leader of North Korea (since 2011) Kim Jong-Un announced last week that he will stop missile testing and shut down a major nuclear test site. Very good news for President Trump.
Trump has agreed to sit down with the North Korean leader in May or the first of June, which, in my opinion, is a historical moment. In the last 60 years no American President has sat down with North Korea. Could it be that the recent air strikes in Syria might have opened Kim Jong-Un’s eyes?
But trust, two things will happen:
1) The U.S. won’t, no matter what, back away from South Korea.
2) If the leader of North Korea starts playing games (which he’s been known to do) during the future talks between North Korea and the U.S., Trump has made it clear he’ll walk away.
Only time will tell the story on this recent development. I hope and pray this all works out!
On to the DNC’s lawsuit against the Trump administration, WikiLeaks and the Russian Government. The charge: Interference in the 2016 election. I guess, in other words, collusion.
Really! The party of Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
So let’s look at reality. Donna Brazile, vice chairman of the DNC at the time, gave Hillary Clinton the questions for an upcoming debate. Now if that’s not collusion I don’t know what is. Hillary Clinton— there isn’t enough space in the paper to point out her wrongdoing. And then there’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz that literally colluded to cost Bernie Sanders the election!
Current DNC Chairman Tom Perez filed this suit on Friday of last week, saying, “There is a mountain of evidence,” and turning over 66 pages of documents. I’m curious what that is!
He continued to say it was nothing more than an assault on Democracy, and then said, “we” — referring to the DNC — had a wonderful candidate, referring to Hillary.  In my opinion, Tom Perez falls nothing short of totally disillusioned.
Keep in mind, currently, even under Mueller’s witch hunt nothing has come out. The bottom line, as someone put it on Meet the Press Sunday morning, there’s no there there.
But what did happen in filing this suit was it did a lot to help the Republican Party in the midterm elections, just when the Democrats were, in my opinion, making some headway!
On to James Comey and his new book full of finger pointing. The fact is, as the Director of the FBI, Comey didn’t follow the rules with Trump or Hillary Clinton. James Comey, in fact, leaked confidential documents to the press, knowing they would be reported on.
So the bottom line is, the other fact that remains is  today there is still no evidence of collusion. The House and the Senate conducted their own investigation and found nothing.
Furthermore, according to James Comey, Donald Trump told him — referring to the collusion with Russia — “Get to the bottom of this.” Seems that Comey is contradicting himself.
I would tell James Comey, “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.” Things could blow up in his face, and in the end he could face legal consequences for leaking confidential material. Time will tell.
Another possibility, in  the end, all this could flush out that Obama’s intelligence team messed around with a secret dossier that could show that Obama and Clinton were messing around with the 2016 election.
Oh the webs they weave.
And last but not least, remembering former First Lady Barbara Bush.. she represented a civilized political America.
God rest her soul.
Until next week.
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