Politically Speaking – April 10, 2018

April 10, 2018

Wow, what a week, starting with President Donald Trump addressing the caravan of at least 1,000 illegal immigrants traveling through Mexico at the present time, who are making it clear their goal — whether the U. S. likes it or not — is to cross the border into America. Well, not so fast. Trump took the bold step to order at least 4,000 armed National Guard troops to the border, and they will remain until the wall is built. However, keep in mind, Bush II as well as Obama sent the National Guard to the border. But, in my opinion, they weren’t quite as committed as this President, and thousands and thousands slipped through. I’m not so certain that will happen this time, and at this point it’s best those that have plans to cross over think twice.

And to that I say good for the President. Enough is enough, when it’s been reported that $64 billion of drugs have been smuggled across the border, killing many Americans yearly, as well as sucking our country dry through entitlements, which none of them deserve!

And I’m not alone. I watched the mayor of Escondido, California emotionally state that he as well as his family came to our country legally 30 years ago, as most of our families did. The key word here is legally. The mayor said, “We are a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of legal immigrants. We are a nation of law and order.”

And trust, I realize — as many do — California is ground zero for Donald Trump on the issue of accepting illegals willingly, as their state goes deeper and deeper into debt and suffers from  a high rate of crime committed by illegal immigrants, a broken welfare system, and one of the highest rates of homelessness, as well as crazy extremism.

California Governor Jerry Brown, the first sanctuary governor, has filed as many as 27 lawsuits against the Trump Administration, but right now Brown is walking on thin ice as opposition is building against him and the left wing. They are facing a serious backlash from the right wing who are sick of the lawlessness. A prime example is the insanity of “catch and release.”  It’s now reaching the point at least two California sheriffs are publishing the names of the illegals that they are being forced to release, to warn the legal citizens of their release. And so the insanity continues.
Let’s face facts. The law is the law is the law, or so I’ve been taught. And when we as a country cease to protect and secure our borders, we cease to be a republic.

Where does that leave us? We have become the land of milk and honey for the illegals, but where does this leave those of us that are legal citizens picking up the burden for the illegals?

Up next, the deadline to turn over documents from the Hillary Clinton email investigation came and went, with the DOJ and FBI ignoring the order. Keep in mind this is not a political issue; it’s a legal matter.

My question is what have the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation become? And it leads me to ask, what are  they trying to sweep under the rug and who is behind it? Only time will tell.

Moving on, as the swords rattle on the trade war between the U.S. and China, I again agree with Trump when he’s being accused of starting a trade war! He responded by saying, “We don’t have a trade war. We’ve lost the trade war.” And to that I agree. We lost the war on manufacturing and suffered the loss of jobs while George Bush and Barack Obama stood by.

And last but certainly not least is Michelle Obama’s latest comment about Trump, and no, not the one where she scolded and lashed out at female voters that voted for Donald Trump.

I’m referring to the comment when she compared Trump to a neglectful parent who lets his children gorge on sweets all day and stay up late. The former first lady used the parent allegory to compare her husband’s presidency to that of his successor. According to her, for the eight years Barack Obama was president it was like having the good parent at home.

So my question, Michelle, is what’s the candy? More jobs (1.7 million)? A tax cut bill? No ISIS attacks? Someone who stands up for our country? Someone who defends the Constitution? Eleven Obama legacy items repealed? Cutting unemployment to 4.1%? Dow Jones reaching a record high? A rebound in the economic confidence to a  17 year high? Not to mention  rebirth of the coal industry? And I could go on and on. Michelle, I’ll take Trump’s candy over your husband’s any day of the week.

Until next week