McCarter to host Common Core Townhall

April 28, 2014

McCarter to host “Common Core” Townhall

Common Core is a controversial new set of standards by which educators are to assess the learning abilities of students and that’s why State Sen. Kyle McCarter is hosting a Common Core Townhall meeting in Troy on May 1.

“I’ve heard from many people who are concerned about the Common Core standards and what it means for their children,” said McCarter (R-Lebanon). “We will discuss the affects at the townhall meeting so bring your lawn chair, ask questions and get informed.”

The Town Hall meeting on Common Core State Standards will be held on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at the Gazebo in Tri-Township Park in Troy, located near the Wickliffe Street entrance. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

“I’m also concerned about how the initial Common Core standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics were adopted by the state four years ago,” said McCarter. “It was not by a vote of the Legislature, but by the education bureaucracy at the State Board of Education and then examined and approved by the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules (J-CAR). J-CAR does have legislators as members but it’s certainly not the same as getting approval by the entire Senate and House chambers.”

Sen. McCarter’s concern about Common Core prompted him to introduce a Senate Resolution calling for a delay in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards until the State Board of Education conducts a study detailing the costs associated with them. To date, his resolution has yet to be given a hearing in the Senate’s Education Committee. “It seems reasonable to me that state government would not move forward and burden our local schools when we don’t yet know the details about the level of funding tied to Common Core,” said McCarter. “Unfunded government mandates are a huge financial burden on our schools. Adding to them is not wise.”