Governor Signs FY16 Education Funding

June 30, 2015

State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem), a member of the House Elementary & Secondary Education Committee on School Curriculum & Policies, supports Governor Rauner’s signing of the legislation to fund Illinois’ K-12 schools for the next year. This funding is over $300 million higher than the previous year budget.

“This is a very good move by the governor because it takes our children’s education out of the political games being played in Springfield,” said Rep. Cavaletto. “Schools will be able to open on time and teachers can be paid.”

Rep. Cavaletto opposed the original funding bill and the 20 other budget bills that would spend nearly $4 billion over the projected revenue in the next fiscal year. Cavaletto believes that fact hasn’t changed, and the budget as a whole is still unsustainable.

“Our state cannot continue to spend more than it takes in from hardworking taxpayers,” added Cavaletto. “We need a constitutionally balanced budget as a foundation to turning our state around and creating more jobs.”