The 2014 Winter Olympics are Underway

February 13, 2014

In the news is Sochi, Russia and the 2014 Olympics. After a difficult roll out, the Olympics got underway, costing $50 billion plus — four times the amount expected to be spent —complete with a fairy tale opening ceremony. What a ceremony it was — second to none — and I can’t help but think it was Vladimir Putin’s intent to say to the world, LOOK WHO WE ARE! Putin, who has led Russia for 14 years with an iron fist, fancies himself as quite an athlete. Whether he’s riding bare chested on horseback, playing hockey or pumping iron, he views the Olympics with his competitive nature as another conquest to be made. But the 2014 Olympics have not gone without serious threats, leading to fear for the safety of the athletes and those attending, including civilians throughout the entire country of Russia. Putin has deployed approximately 70,000 security guards to prevent terrorist attacks, especially from North Caucasus militants who have vowed to embarrass him. The last thing Putin — or for that matter the world — needs is another 1972 Munich Olympics tragedy. So the games continue as the countries involved, along with Russia, hold their breath. Michael McFaul, U.S. Chair of Foreign Affairs Commission, said that Americans have been warned that Russian law has the power and right to tape them or eavesdrop on conversations. I find that an interesting warning coming from US! Another concern was flights in and out. Banning gels of all kinds came after a passenger aboard a flight from Istanbul said there was a bomb on board and tried to divert the flight to Sochi. After a search of the plane, no bomb was found and the plane landed safely in Turkey. We can only hope and pray that our fears are laid to rest and there will be no terrorist attacks, and that all Americans will return home safely — with lots of medals, of course!

Next up, a new book to hit the shelves this week, a must read: HRC, short for Hillary Rodham Clinton. The book allegedly points out state secrets and offers an in depth insight into Hillary. It’s complete with a list compiled by Clinton aides, known as the hit list of Hillary’s enemies. The most disloyal on that list is Ted Kennedy, who supported Barack Obama. Seventh on the list is Claire McCaskill. Also on the list was John Kerry. It was also noted by the author that included is how Bill settled the score with Hillary’s enemies. He would allegedly come out and endorse, campaign and do what he could to get whomever was on the list beaten! Could this be the dark side of Bill and Hillary all laid out in one package? In my opinion, Bill Clinton — a two term President elected originally in 1992 ­— and Hillary have the same goals; both have very different ways of getting there. Anyway, it’s a must read, certainly for me, especially if Hillary decides to run. It has been said by General Petraeus that Mrs. Clinton would be a tremendous President. I would ask him if that was a professional endorsement or a personal endorsement! Through his own trials and tribulations of infidelity, Hillary was a good friend and confidante. Should Hillary run, unfortunately, I don’t think Benghazi will hurt her, but I think Obamacare will. Remember, she supported it! In closing on Hillary, frankly I believe the last thing this country needs in 2016 is another Clinton or Bush!

On to Obamacare. Last week the Congressional Budget Office announced the ACA will cost 2.5 million workers their jobs in the next decade. Politicians Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pointed out that was a good thing because it would give people more freedom. Students could finish school faster, mothers could stay home with their children. There’s only one thing he failed to point out and that was how they are supposed to eat! Maybe he thinks everybody has spare money. Today we are at a 35-year low of Americans working! What a mess when big government can look at job loss and put a spin on it that it’s a good thing to lose jobs. Now the White House is looking at if you like your plan you can keep it another three years! I think it’s a little late for that. What’s your thought?

And last but not least, immigration reform. A few weeks ago Speaker of the House John Boehner was all in. Now he’s put the brakes on. The reason: The GOP doesn’t trust Obama to enforce the law! Imagine that! I think it’s safe to say this is a highly charged issue, deeply divided, but the last time immigration reform was passed, three million were legalized while six million came across the border illegally, and absolutely nothing was done to enforce the law! Again Chuck Schumer said in response to not trusting Obama, “Then let’s enact immigration reform and wait till 2017 to enforce it.” And we put people like that in office! How about we start enforcing the law right now! However, it was said that the GOP needs only six seats to take the Senate and when they do, that’s the time to pull together immigration reform.

Until next week.