Yesteryear’s Memories: Mayola

April 8, 2020

Many products hailed from Centralia, including cigar brands produced in small family-owned businesses. You may be lucky enough to find a cigar box proudly displaying one of the hometown brands such as Mayola, manufactured right in the one hundred block of East Broadway in downtown Centralia. Some may remember the very building — McRill’s Cigar store near the Sheridan Cafe on the north side of the street. Sadly, the cigar store is gone. In those days, cigars came in wooden boxes with paper labels touting such qualities as “the Best for the Money” or “the Favorite Everywhere.” Cigar stores were a gathering place for men, with the cigar store Indian out front and the ever-present cuspidor within spittin’ distance. It’s romantic in a way, and disgusting at the same time. Your choice — but still an iconic vision of the past.