Yesteryear’s Memories: 1888 Old National Bank

February 12, 2020

This fine historic building was constructed in 1888, as the stone plaque on the front proudly states. It was designed for use for one of the early banks of Centralia, but it was actually the third location of the Old National Bank. It has an old world feeling about it, with it’s high ceilings and stained glass windows. The ceilings in the two story structure are so high, that it is just a little taller than the three story building next to it. The ceiling and walls were decorated in the latest style with pressed tin and plastered details. The bank vault itself was the state of the art when it was installed in the center of the downstairs offices, and is still intact complete with a glass reveal of the inner workings of the intricate locking mechanism. The hand painted gold leaf lettering is still impressive after a century, and is a beautiful work of art in itself. You can still see the large impressive chandeliers hanging in the first level – each has dozens of bulbs to light the spacious interior.

The Old National Bank stayed in this location until about 1926 when the fourth location, larger and more modern, was built across the street. The 1888 structure, with it’s distinct dark red brick and contrasting white stone has been used for many years primarily as stockbroker offices and is located at the southwest corner of Locust and Broadway.