Workforce ethics

September 4, 2019

The Southern Illinois Networking Association met at the Centralia Recreation Complex on Thursday, August 29. President Mike Chambers called the meeting to order with a pledge and prayer. Everyone in attendance shared events throughout the community. 50/50 tickets were sold, and the winner was Russ Goodiel.

President Chambers introduced Tina Suarez as the featured speaker for the day. Tina began her presentation with the definitions of both ethics and morals.

Today’s workforce is demanding and competitive. Employees must not only have good technical skills but demonstrate positive, cooperative attitudes. Employees need to begin their employment with positive work ethic skills that will enhance their value as employees.

The 10 characteristics of work ethics are: attendance, character, teamwork, appearance, attitude, productivity, organizational skills, communication, cooperation and respect. So what is included in these characteristics?
Attendance: Be at work on time. Don’t take time off as fast as you get it. Don’t always ask to leave or come in late.

Character: The employee displays loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, initiative, dependability, self-discipline and self-responsibility.
Teamwork: The employee is cooperative, assertive but aggressive, displays good customer service, seeks continuous learning opportunities, and displays mannerly behavior.

Appearance: Displays appropriate dress, grooming , hygiene and etiquette.

Attitude: Has a positive attitude, appears self-confident, and has realistic expectations of self.

Productivity: The employee follows safety practices, conserves materials, keeps work area neat, and follows directions and procedures.

Organizational Skills: Manifests skills in personal management, time management, prioritizing, and is flexible dealing with change.

Communication: Employee displays appropriate nonverbal and verbal skills.

Cooperation: Employee displays leadership, great relationships with supervisors and peers; and follows the chain of command.

Respect: The employee respects the rights of others, deals appropriately with cultural and racial diversity, and does not engage in harassment of any kind.

During her presentation, Tina spoke about how every employee should engage in all of these characteristics at work each day. It should be the employer’s role to enforce this in the work place.

Ms. Suarez gave time for any questions and answers from the SINA members. For more information about this program or SINA please contact Tina Suarez at or call 618-214-0836.