Winners In The Third Ghost In A Graveyard Hunt

October 31, 2017

By Jessica Hanks

A winner has surfaced and they are in fiddlers green! The treasure hunts that have captivated Marion County residents for months has its third winner. The third hunt was named “Rock Around the Clock” and featured a map that had a large clock centered on it. The map stated “I’ve hidden a chest, I’ve hidden a key, Now it’s a rock, this is map number three.”

As mentioned last week, the hunters were in search of a rock that had “Around the Clock Winner” sandblasted on the bottom. It took three weeks to find and was discovered by a pair of hunters who were out hunting with their parents. Morgan and Kyle Kurwicki, ages 9 and 12, found the winning rock at Hillcrest Cemetery, along the small pond located near the entrance of the cemetery.

Mentioned in last week’s Shoppers Weekly, the Ghost in a Graveyard Facebook page started months ago and since has had three hunts. The first was named “Ghost in a Graveyard,” the second “Where the Bell’s Toll,” and the latest hunt was named “Rock Around the Clock,” with each hunt having a larger treasure than the last one. Morgan and Kyle took home $1,000 worth of silver this weekend!

The silver was purchased through sponsorships by local businesses, which included O.M.G. Graphics, Country Bob’s sauces and seasonings, C&S Construction, Rick’s Pool Service, Monken Sales Consultant Daniel Niederhofer, Low Cash Auto Sales, Rockin Rolls Gourmet Ice Cream, and Jim’s Coin Shoppe. The treasure chest and silver was housed by Jim’s Coin Shoppe, who has seen a surge of foot traffic into his establishment since Rick asked him to participate as the treasure keeper.

On the Facebook page many hunters have spoken about pleasant encounters they’ve had with Jim and gratitude toward Rick McDonald for an adventure they can’t seem to get enough of. Many hunters are begging for another hunt, and one seems to be in the works according to posts made by Rick McDonald. The Shoppers Weekly wishes fair winds to everyone on the next hunt which is planned to take place in the spring.

For updates continue to read The Shoppers Weekly and follow “Ghost in A Graveyard” on facebook. Also, a special thanks to those who sponsored the hunts. For more information on sponsoring the next hunt, contact Rick McDonald on the Ghost in a Graveyard facebook page.